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DVD Review – UFO Hunters, Season 2

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Like Mike

It’s no great secret among my friends that I’m a UFO nut from a long way back. When I was growing up I tried my best to record every show that happened to come on TV that had anything to do with aliens and I’m sure I would re-watch them over and over again till the VHS tape was nearly fuzz. On top of that would, of course, be many a trip to the public library; do kids even do that anymore? I would scour the records for books on the subject and read them feverishly and get them out multiple times. As I’ve got older my love for the mystery behind them is as strong as ever but it’s satisfied a whole lot more from things such as YouTube videos and with well made shows that seem to take the subject just that little more seriously now. Of course talking about them can still get you ridiculed, and the mass media still likes poking fun at it, but that has never stopped me and when I had the chance to review the 2nd season of the show ‘UFO Hunters’ I fricken jumped at the chance!

“Using cutting edge technology, the NY-SPI (New York Special Phenomena Investigators) team investigates reported cases of UFOs and UFO abductions.”

I...Loved...This...Show! It was so refreshing to see the subject taken very seriously, and clearly a lot of money being put into the show, as each episode really dug deep into each case. The presenters were all great and really worked well getting into every little detail of each encounter. They never seemed to put up blinkers to obvious fake elements of each case and they would happily dispel cases for lack of evidence or for being something it wasn’t. In turn though they also found a whole lot of new evidence for each case, and though not solving or coming up with anything concrete in the form of an actual in your face UFO, they still made a fricken awesome show! This should be watched by all UFO lovers, and by sceptics as well, as there are many cases in this show that I think they would struggle to throw away as simply weather balloons or other such objects.

9.5 out of 10 from me.

UFO Hunters: The Complete Season Two

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