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DVD Review - Cry Wolf

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Like Mike

22nd May 2009 - I’ve just watched the DVD, ‘Cry Wolf’, having seen the film for the first time when I was in America in 2005.  My brother and I were in the USA promoting our feature film ‘Hidden’, which we were pushing as a horror though it’s more of an art house thriller. So while there we decided to see as many horror/thrillers as we could and ‘Cry Wolf’ was one of those.  Another film we saw was a teen horror called ‘Venom’ which had a good trailer but the movie itself ‘sucked’ (as the Americans would say!), whereas ‘Cry Wolf’, from memory, had an average trailer but ended up being a great movie.

‘Cry Wolf’ has an interesting history with the US$1 Million budget coming from the director, Jeff Wadlow, after winning the short film 2002 Chrysler Film Competition.  With that money the film was able to be put together and you would never think for a second it only cost US$1 Million to make.

‘Cry Wolf’ follows the life of young British student Owen (Julian Morris) beginning from his first day at a new prep school in the States. He meets the second main character in the film, Dodger (Lindy Booth), and she introduces him to the school and her friends.  You quickly find that Owen has a shady past, and Dodger and her friends live a life of manipulation and deception.  What starts off as a game the group plays ends up leading to many murders in the school and the students trying to solve the mystery. Or is there more than meets the eye in what’s going on?

I thought this film was very well written and incorporated many story telling techniques, which we’ve seen before, but the story was also told in new ways using modern technology like cell phones, instant messaging and e-mail. It’s something we’re seeing more and more of these days, but ‘Cry Wolf’ did it really well.  As this film came out 4 years ago they may well have been ahead of their time. Some good acting and solid directing made this film a thrilling ride to watch and I enjoyed it just as much second time around.

7.5 out of 10 from me.

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