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DVD Review - Day Of The Dead

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Day Of The Dead

With Halloween fast approaching I thought it was time to check out a few classic horror films, so I got my hands on the 1968 ‘Night Of The Living Dead', and what I thought was the 1985 ‘Day Of The Dead’, which are movies one and three of horror king George A. Romero’s classic series of zombie films. However, what I got instead of his 1985 version was the 2008 remake! This wasn’t a bad sign though as the 2004 remake of his second film in the series, ‘Dawn of the Dead’, was a brilliant retelling of the story and, of course, launched the career of Zack Snyder who has gone onto big things with ‘300’ and ‘Watchmen’. So, with an open mind, I put the disk in and waited to see how this remake film would add to the world of zombie movies.

“In Leadville, Colorado, Captain Rhodes and his army seal off the town to contain an influenza-type epidemic. The locals are not allowed to leave the town and the Pine Valley Medical Center is crowded with sick people. Corporal Sarah Bowman was born and raised in Leadville and goes to her home with Private Bud Crain to visit her mother. Sarah finds that her mother is ill and takes her to the local hospital. However, the sick people suddenly transform into flesh eating, fast moving zombies, which attack the non-infected humans. Sarah, Bud and Private Salazar get a jeep and head to the town exit to escape from the dead. But Sarah hears the voice of her brother, Trevor, on the radio and is compelled to go to the radio station where Trevor is hidden with his girlfriend Nina. The group of survivors drives to the isolated Nike factory seeking shelter, where they discover an underground army base and the cause of the havoc.”

In some ways it’s almost impossible to make a classic zombie film these days, as audiences won’t put up with the slow-as-snails approach of these bad guys when great films like '28 Days Later' and the 'Dawn of the Dead' remake, have fast running zombies, which of course is a lot more threatening. Even films like the 'Resident Evil' series have taken to genetically modified zombies that have super strength as well, so I think gone are the days of the old zombie. But, there is a case of taking things too far, and this film did just that. For some reason these zombies are super zombies and can climb walls, perform large athletic jumps from high rise buildings and run on roofs! It didn’t feel like this was done for any real reason other than having to keep pushing the envelope with zombie films. This is a real pity, as at the end of the day what really counts is a good story and good characters, and if you have that then the zombies can just be good old zombies and it will still be good. But, sadly, the attention was put onto them far too much and the story and acting lacked because of this.  However, it did its job as a stock standard horror zombie film.

6 out of 10 from me. 

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