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Facebook Groups

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

Technology is great. Right? Sure, why not. My life is a convergence of mobile phone, laptop, TV, DVD player, camera, Xbox, VCR (yes, I still love my VCR) and stereo. Internet is a great tool and best friend to many.

Facebook gets a lot of attention these days. For those few of you unaware of the website I'm not going to explain it here, go ask a Gen Yer on the street. There are different types of Facebookers (yes I decided I'd coin that term) out there and one group's habits include publishing their each and every move, thought and feeling. This group shall now be known as the I Need Attention Group or INAG for short. Some members of this group go so far as to post a picture of their giant diamond wedding rinFacebook profilegs on their profile in the hope of attracting adoration from others.

Another group of users tend not to use the site much and are there because they were forced into signing up by their friends, real life friends. This group is called the Facebook Is Crap Why Am I Here Group or FICWAIHG for short. These folk take ages to reply to messages and generally don't use it unless they have to, which is strange because nobody HAS to use Facebook at all.

Then there is the Secretive Invisible But I'm Here Group (SIBIHG) who have their privacy settings turned up to the maximum so nobody else can see their posts, and these people may even change settings so they don't see what their 'friends' are doing either. Much like stalkers these people.

The Final group is the majority who use the site as it was intended, to become 'friends' with people they would never speak to on the street, old school chums and acquaintances they met once in passing or a drunken night out. This group is simply called the Facebook Is My Life Group (FIMLG). You can tell who is a member of this group because they'll always ask “are you on Facebook?” and make sure they remind you to “add me”. They are also the type to pop up with a friend request that leaves the recipient scratching their head and wondering how many years ago it was they last saw that person. 

One can go on and on about the filthy Facebook and surely anthropology students are beginning their theses on the social aspects of the site but one thing is for sure, its here to stay. One morbid questions remains though. If you die, what happens to your profile? Will it just become a memorial tombstone thing or will you get deleted?

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