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Fantasising When It Counts . . .

Dyani Ellwood
Dyani Ellwood
Hugh Jackman

If there is one good thing about watching the latest Aussie flick 'Australia', it’s got to be Hugh Jackman. I mean, let’s face it, Nicole Kidman’s insipidly portrayed character, paired with a face that seemingly doesn’t move beyond her ever-smiling mouth, deserves nothing more than an, ‘Oh, please.’

So when I heard that Hugh’s ‘raunchy thing’ to do with his wife was KEEP his clothes on in bed, I must admit, I nearly took another look back at Nicole. Hugh told People Magazine that the reason behind his non-stripping is: “she loves me in costume because it makes her feel like she’s having an affair – in a good way.”

In a good way? Doesn’t she build up enough angst watching her husband gallivanting around onscreen with other women, least imagining him being someone else when she actually does get her hands on him!?

I mean talk about being unoriginal, who wants to be like the rest of us regular people and fantasise about men beyond reach, when she has already has her pelvis resting 2008’s voted ‘Sexiest Man’ (by People Magazine) – seriously, some women!

As for old Hugh himself, I seriously doubt he’s picturing his wife’s face every time he is steaming it up with an onscreen lover (unless of course it’s Nicole Kidman). That’s the great thing about men; they make the most out of the situation at hand – no questions, no weird pretendings – because you never know how long it’ll last.

On the home front, Metro magazine voted Samantha Hayes, TV3’s Nightline presenter, New Zealand’s sexiest women for 2008. Now I’m sure, in this instance, we would be forgiven for imagining Samantha to have the body of Jessica Alba tucked under the news desk, after all, majority of voters never see below the waist. Good on you girlfriend! Here’s to taking the lead, with half the effort.

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