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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

Have you ever signed up online to register to play in a virtual or fantasy competition? "Do you know what I am talking about?" Well, if not let me introduce you to a popular ever growing culture on the internet that has been around for many years now and becoming a modern era gaming culture.

Typically virtual and fantasy games are based on the scoring and statistics of real life games usually sports and events. You compete against people (we hope?) from all over the world by building a team. Quite often there are leagues where you pay to play and the winner wins cash. If you are not into gambling and are competitive then you may not mind finding a free league as there are thousands of games that are free to choose from.

New Zealands most popular virtual and fantasy competition will begin in the next couple of days with the sky sport virtual super 14 where it is a simple competition where you choose the scoring outcome of the weekends fixtures to gain points. The winners will win prizes from being the best at predicting the winners and scoring advantage.

Other sports leagues work by having a salary cap system (as most modern sport leagues have in real life) where you start off with money and buy your players in order to manage a real life team and trade/sell/buy new players like a General Manager would. "Wouldn't it be great to have your own say on what players are on your team?"

Here are some links to well played virtual leagues around the world with the most famous fantasy games being run in North American sports (big on stats) also rugby, cricket & football are some of the biggest fantasy sports in the world. They have competitive and social leagues.

There are not just sports games to play in but also virtual games & simulators. Where predicting outcomes or managing homes & companies sports results, elections, stock markets, family lifestyles and all sorts. In fact, there are so many creators of these games that there are a lot to cater most peoples interest.

I like the way it promotes fans and like minded people to create social networking circles to perhaps let off some steam or enjoy competition (having a go) to whatever level of enjoyment.

Try one out sometime. They do take up a lot of time but the bragging rights between your friends, family and people you play against may be worth it. Hey, you may even win the competition. Welcome to the virtual and fantasy world. (for people bored with the real world) Have fun.


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