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Fighting Fantasy

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman
Fighting Fantasy Game Books

Do you remember the Fighting Fantasy Game Books? No?  Let me introduce or re-introduce you into the Fighting Fantasy world that was brought to us by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone. (The co-founders of Games Workshop who brought us Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, Hero Quest & Space Crusade games) Today, I want to pay homage to their weird & wonderful worlds of brilliant science fiction.

Geek alert! (I know) I am showing my age/genre a little here by talking of these game books but I really have to acknowledge the achievement of the quality of these game books.

Firstly what is a fighting fantasy game book?

Part game/part book where all you need is a pen/pencil + paper, two dice and a whole lot of luck.  It is a fantasy story where you are the hero (or not?), by making the decisions through the story. Each game book is quite different so it is not a series although there are some game books that are interlinked. (The Sorcery! series, Deathtrap Dungeon, Firetop Mountain, Vampire series)

The first book was made by Steve Jackson/Ian Livingstone in 1982 titled The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. It is an infamous book in the series as it set the standard of the fighting system, equipment and treasure sheet. 

What I totally love about these books are the illustrations that have been made by various artists and also the toughness of how each game book is.  You will almost certainly not make it through the first time you read/play your first time in any game book!  They have been created in a way where you have to perform certain tasks in order to complete the story, making it only one true way through to the goal.

The first 7 game book stories were authored by Steve Jackson or Ian Livingstone. Then after selling millions of copies from the success of these books decided to hire more authors to write for them. It turned out that there would be 50 game books for the series which expanded to 59 as #50 Return to Firetop Mountain was a successful seller.

A majority of the stories are based in a fantasy world called Titan. There have been stories set in space and other fantastic environments that open ones imagination.  I really like the fact that they are all separate stories so you can pick any game book to read and can read again until completed.

If you are into role playing games then Fighting Fantasy is a must for you to go and get your hands on one of the books. (I am sure a lot of you are slapping me as you know these books well)

Try one out. My recommendations are:

1. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain 2. The Citadel of Chaos 3. The Forest of Doom

(Corny, the first three books in the series. Why not start at the beginning of the publications though?)


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