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Foals-Antidotes: Album Review

Earl Ho
Earl Ho

The debut album from the oxford based Foals is an intriguing listen with a nice mix between their past musical endeavors in "Math rock"(Math rock is a rhythmically complex,guitar-based style of experimental rock music that emerged in the late 1980s.), with a more accessible, danceable, and a more pop sound. I include pop in there because the songs stick in my head for days after listening to the album, with songs such as "Cassius", "Red Sock Pugie", and lead single "Balloons", imposing the brain to it's tune with it's catchiness.

The album is very exciting, although largely guitar based, what struck me was the space in the songs and the atmospheric nature running through the album creating a defining link between the songs, arousing a great a flow. A brass section of some sort adds lovely drones here and there complimenting the often somber tone of the album, in saying that, the album isn't too jolly nor overly depressing like some Joy division or Radiohead, but linger some where in the fringe of that territory.

The lyrics are quite cryptic with lines like, "we fly balloons on this fuel called love" and "We all eat clouds now, to pass the time away", which is great for all the lyric junkies to interpret for themselves and for everyone else I suppose they could pass off as gibberish, given that the singer yelps a lot of the words. The lead singer doesn't display tremendous singing abilities, however, he does have a very unique voice and a striking british accent that give hims an edge and it's hard to imagine these songs being sung by some one like Chris Martin. This debut album is smart and ambitious and one could say that they don't sound like anyone else, which is a marvelous feat in itself, and for people to love you for it is should feel very good for those boys.  



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