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Get Out!

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

If you've ever been unemployed then chances are you'll know what I mean when I say this: unemployment makes me want to gouge my eyes out with blunt red-hot knives so I don't have to watch Oprah, Ellen or The View.  Its bad enough that TV doesn't cater to the unemployed let alone the fact that money doesn't exist in unemployment land.  

One of the great things about this economic climate is that people, mainly Gen Yers, are forced to take on a few part time and/or casual jobs. The Government study allowance is available to me as I'm in between casual and part time jobs and am a uni student. This gives me valuable time in between to catch up on the newest fashions and lifestyle issues. God, someone pass me the skewers and blunt knives.  

Unemployment offers something more valuable than a respectable wage, and that's time. For those out there who enjoy artier pastimes then grab your paintbrush, video camera, musical instruments or pen and get out there and do what makes you happy. You think Slash ever worried about earning money by working a full time job while he was in a band? You think Stephen King worked full time as he wrote his novels? The answer to those questions is unequivocally no. Even those with time between part time or causal jobs and uni can begin exploring creativity. I know I'm sounding like some sort of hippie preacher but if you think about it, it makes sense. And it doesn't even have to be arts either, the time could be spent outside practicing sports.  

Why oh why would I be advocating such a large amount of inspiration when getting drunk and sucking down bongs while sitting online or playing Xbox is a much safer option? Because as every Gen Yer knows, we can do anything better than anyone else so why not further flood all industries with our brilliance. That's a really valid reason.  

Another good reason to get out is the fact that daytime TV just doesn't offer anything to anyone with half a brain cell. People put in a lot of effort to stay unemployed, they fill out the forms, go to job seminars, they spend their small amount of money on cheap stuff and may very well be less hygienic than the rest of us. These unemployed people go through all of this effort just to sit wide-eyed and jaws gaped with their dead brain in front of daytime TV. No wonder I want us all out there…

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