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Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest- Album Review

Earl Ho
Earl Ho

Brooklyn based Grizzly Bear's third album "Veckitemist" is one of those albums that fills that void, which seems hollow out every so often throughout your life, and once filled, you try your hardest to avoid listening to because you don't want to overplay it , but you just can't seem to stop yourself, cause it's so outrageously good.

This is the album you can't stop talking about to your friends and you just can't wait for them to hear it, so you shove your headphones in their ears and give them a taste of it, and watch their faces in silence while you see a smile light up your own smile.

What turned me on right away was the lush vocal harmonies on the brilliant pop masterpiece "Two Weeks", where the voices were harmonized in a rather haunting way, giving me an instant chill in the spine. But when I listened to the album i was surprised to hear that the rest of the album was quite different to what i experienced with the bubble gum pop of "Two weeks". Songs like "Southern point", "All We ask", and "Fine for now"  had more intensity, depth, and layers and i was overwhelmed by the sheer coolness of these songs and the originality they could invoke.

All four members sing and two of them share lead vocals, and what great voices these two have. The vocal harmonies found on this album are well composed and executed and seem to appear just where you want them to and at times they go quite experimental, eg, on "Dory" the song starts with a held note harmonized by two of them, and the other two ascending up  scales intermittently to create a bizarre choral sound, which then transcends into the melody and the song takes off.

The songs all have an epic quality and it looks like they've all been nurtured for a long time with lots of time put into their design. Packed full of lovely string arrangements, creating moments of harmonic beauty that would make Mozart nod his head to. Truly original rhythmic ideas, great drum sounds with Timpani like drum sound in the album closer "Foreground" and pretty much awesome drum lines throughout the album. The synthesizer plays an important part in the album creating some unusual and modern sounds and give the songs that extra bite and appeal, that makes you rewind a little and listen again.

It's refreshing for me to know that although i didn't grow up in the golden days of music, and didn't get to go out and buy "Dark side of the moon" when it came out or go see them play it live, there are still amazing musicians out there making fantastic albums and i suppose it's something that will never stop.

SERIOUSLY. Listen to this album.


Heres a taste..



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