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Head Like A Hole Concert Review

Scott Newman
Scott Newman

Head Like A Hole have reformed to put on a stonking national tour with guests Luger Boa. After Booga Beazley (Lead singer) had some rest after being in hospital for putting an axe through his foot. (As you do?) They had post-poned the shows then played an excellent show at the Powerstation, Auckland.(Bless!) I went along to re-live the HLAH glory days!

It has been a long time since HLAH had been playing the local concert circuit as they had disbanded in the early 2000's after having a rockin' career through the nineties and late eighties.  I am sure that most people who frequent gigs in the nineties would have come across them opening for an international act or playing a festival like the Big Day Out. It is great to know that the dirty rock 'n' rollers have decided to bring HLAH back to the NZ music scene.

The Rock Fm Road mobile was outside (which had just finished the rock 1000 countdown with Metallica One as #1) giving away free food. Big kudos to the Rock for giving away free hotdogs and promoting the rock 18th birthday tour which Luger Boa are playing as well. The Powerstation filled up pretty early with punters heading away from the local bars after work on a Friday night.

The crowd gathered were of mixed ages (I was half expecting a crowd of bogans, metallers and headbangers) to my surprise with also a lot of younger people who were keen on seeing HLAH for perhaps the first time.  The gig started off with Luger Boa opening. (Jimmy Christmas's new band) They played an exciting energetic set featuring their radio play songs. They were dressed and rehearsed very smartly. The best crowd pleasers were  What Is Real? & On My Mind both of Mutate or Die. Luger Boa are a band with a lot of upside due to the live perfomance of Jimmy with the enthusiasm he has.

Head Like A Hole came on with a large roar from the audience as they ripped straight into Fish Across Face which never gets old listening to it now. Off the debut album 13. Booga was up to old tricks by making rude gestures to the crowd, showing his ass a lot (fully clothed) ... they do not strip like they used to and play naked anymore. Other songs that really went off were from the albums HLAH IV & Double Your Strength Improve Your Health & Lengthen Your Life. (Great name!) The singles Keith, Wet Rubber, Comfortably Shagged, I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen Cover) & Cornbag all hit the spot amongst the faithful. The original band members were all playing with the addition of another guitarist and an interesting looking punk girl on trumpet. The trumpet was for the very popular dirty rock song A Crying Shame which had everyone jumping around. (Hopefully not just me?) The encore was excellent in finishing the night off with the fast paced Hootenanny. The band were delighted by the crowds overall reaction marking the comeback a success!

I am sure that we will be seeing HLAH play a lot more local gigs in the future with a really good supporting option for new bands trying to get larger audiences out there.  They are a whole lot of fun for the mature crowd. If you are into kiwi hard rock then these guys are worth checking out if you are not familiar with HLAH already. (Where have you been?)

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