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How Well Do You Know Your World?

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Adrian Musolino
Adrian Musolino

During the past week I have been consumed by an online game that tests your ability to name all the countries of the world. It is addictive, a real test of your geographical knowledge and understanding of the world. It also tells you a lot about which specific continents you know well and from where that source of knowledge comes from. 

Your test, should you be willing to accept it, is to name as many of the 195 countries of the world in 15 minutes. Spelling has to be accurate (a real test in itself) and the key is to tackle each continent at a time so you can pinpoint the outline of each nation. Remember all those tiny nations not clearly visible on the map and take your time, 15 minutes is plenty. 

I have been unable to crack the 110 mark and that is only after numerous attempts. After each attempt the site lists the countries you missed. As a memory tester, this game is up there with the best. 

It’s a fascinating little test that not only demonstrates how well you know your global village but also which continent you have the most success at.

Are you Eurocentric and can label the likes of San Marino and Andorra but miss Chile in South America?

Do you remember all the tiny island nations in Oceania but struggle to name a handful of African countries?

Don’t forget the Caribbean nations, a section of the map with plenty of nations to name, the ‘Stans’ in Asia and the more populous countries you missed as you focus on the smaller ones. 

It also tells you from what source your knowledge is stored when you’re struggling away, scouring the deeper recesses of your hurting brain. 

Do you rely on sports knowledge, remembering countries from the World Cup football or those tiny nations with a handful of athletes parading at the Olympic Opening Ceremony?

Are you politically minded and hence can nail the Middle East section given all the turmoil and political upheaval of the past few decades?    

Or are you one of those gifted people who ace general knowledge quizzes but then struggle to remember people’s names? 

Try yourself and discover not only how well you know your world but why you know what you know. 

Visit -

Good luck!

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