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Humidity Breeds Humanity

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Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee

A little amateur introspection, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The title for my blog this week was going to be Valentine’s Day Massacre.
I was going to bitch about men, my lack of couple-ness, the weight I’m going to gain from the cookies ‘n cream that will duly be consumed at various stages on Saturday due to said single status, and generally have a field day with the clichés and rituals we perpetuate on this Blessed Occasion, which no rational person would put themselves through. Except, we do.
So, I was going to bore you all to tears, indulge in a semi-irrational narcissistic rant, (and really, who doesn’t love a good semi-irrational narcissistic rant?), and maybe ask if anyone has real estate in Antarctica that I can use.
Two things made me change my mind.
First, who’s noticed the humidity in Auckland?
Holy MOG, it’s hot. And not the kind of hot where you can find a park or a beach, sit down and write off the day. No, that would qualify as Actual Summer.
This is Pseudo-summer. A sticky, can’t breathe, can’t eat, seriously-considering-not-moving-now-or-y’know-what,-ever, bogus, didn’t-sign-up-for-this-crap, Not a New Zealand Summer, summer.
In so many words.
So all week, my friends, co-workers, and my dairy lady, whose kids I’m putting through college from my frequent ice cream purchases, have been bitching about it.
Half of them are sleeping on the floor, in the bathroom, or in the dog kennel (the latter not so much heat related as heat related spousal differences).
The other half are guzzling water at an alarming rate, threatening to maim loved ones with blunt objects and otherwise performing a fearsome Hyde to their normal Jekyll.
Poor Toni Marsh looked like she was going to collapse on Tuesday night while reading the weather, probably anticipating the reaction to more bad weather news.
The air con has broken this week at work, not once, not twice, but five times at last count. People are placing bets on when it’s going to go next while slowly melting a la Wicked Witch of the West.
But, here’s the thing.
Across the ditch, there’s a lot of bad business going down. The bushfires in Victoria have killed 173 people to date, with 78 people in hospital, and 750 homes destroyed.
It is the worst natural disaster in Australia in 110 years.
It is a shocking and horrible, and John Key expressed it well in a statement to the press "It's devastating and as this tragedy unfolds, the cost of human life, the enormity of it and the severity of it is hard to fathom…I think you're seeing New Zealanders really showing enormous empathy for their friends in Australia."
The New Zealand Red Cross is running an appeal (go to, with the Government starting it, donating $500,000.
We are sending 100 firefighters, some of whom, despite being almost killed in the 2006 Australian bushfires,
volunteered to take the risk again.
All over the country people are jumping in to help- the Whangarei District Council will donate $5000 to the Victorian bushfire appeal.
Yeah, we’re hot. Everyone is in a crappy mood and would much rather rip another person’s face off than attempt to be civil. But everyone is keeping it together, because they feel sorrier for their neighbour than they do for themselves.
I wrote of the mass multitudes complaining.
But without exception, every single one of them (and there’s been a lot of bitching), has finished their rant, paused, and said, “But I’d rather be here.”
Kiwi’s have donated, volunteered countless services and their time, and extended their sympathy and kindness to those Aussies in a devastating situation.
So, today I’m proud. Not because we were bothered despite the fact it’s so hot Lucifer probably isn’t hanging anywhere near our 411- I’m proud simply because we were bothered.

Second, Dallas Boyd's exceptional blog really cemented the point that I might be single. I might be hot, bothered and also slightly concerned at how many times I’ve written ‘hot’ in this blog.

But, I’m lucky
I’m lucky that I’m secure enough to say categorically that I would rather be alone than with someone who thinks it’s okay to hit your partner. I’m lucky that I have a steady job, great friends, the means to live independently. I’m lucky, extremely lucky, that I have a roof over my head and somewhere to sleep tonight.
Dallas also recommends buying a V-Day card for those awesome girls in your life. “Remind those wonderful women just how special they are - with or without a man.” I totally agree with her- girls, go buy cards for the chicks in your life that matter, guys- same deal, and don’t forget your mum, she’s put up with a lot from the likes of you.
So, everyone have a lovely Valentine’s Day- remember every cloud has a silver lining, visit the Red Cross site, and if anyone has a method of staying cool that doesn’t involve incarcerating oneself in one’s fridge/freezer all day,
I’d love to hear it! 

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