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An Interview With Peter Holmstrom From The Dandy Warhols

Scott Newman
Scott Newman
Dandy Warhols

Through the excellent management team of The Dandy Warhols we are proud to present a short interview with founding member guitarist Peter Holmström!

At the end of 2010 I wanted to go to a dynamite show to end the year, when I learned that the Dandy Warhols were coming to town I spared a thought for the nineties bands that I grew up with and remembered how fond I was of the Dandy's! When I think of their music I instantly think that they are fun, not afraid to take risks and play a good brand of rock music.

The show was a sell out and was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance. The Dandy's have such a good selection of interesting songs to play from their back catalog which makes it a pleasant surprise of what you may hear in the set list. It is always good when you can remember a band for the songs outside of the hit singles. I think the Dandy's collection of songs interest a broad listener base giving people a great accessibility to their sound. I had a very pleasant experience at the gig as they sure know how to put on a good show! I also attended the after show where Zia McCabe was DJing. I met Courtney Taylor - Taylor and chatted briefly about how their touring was going and future plans.

The entire band were present, very accessible & more than happy to mingle with the fans. I felt inspired to get in touch with their management to pursue an interview for Voxy. I found that the band/management were more than happy to help! Please check out the Interview with the Dandy Warhols guitarist Peter Holmström below:  

Peter Holmström Interview

Can you please tell us about the music scene in Portland Oregon? Growing up an indie/alternative music fan I have seen some of my favorite bands like Everclear, Sleater-Kinney & Modest Mouse have moved/come from Oregon. What has it been like as a band putting Portland, Oregon on the map?



It's kinda like high school.  Bands hanging out with some bands, but not other bands.  Talking shit about one band or another.  Probably like any other group of humans.  As far as putting Portland on the map, it was fun, still is.

With such a great back catalog of singles is there a particular bunch of songs that you really like to play in your set that can surprise the audience?
Pretty much any song we haven't been playing. 

What is one of the funniest moments that you have had on tour? You all come across as very funny/easy going people .... who is the clown of the Dandy's?
It depends on the day.  We have an expression "If it's not fun, it's funny"  So that means there is always someone making a joke about something.

The first time I saw you guys was at the music festival Big Day Out. (In my home country, New Zealand) Do you prefer to play your shows at festivals to large groups of people or playing to fans indoors? (by the way you sound great in both!) 
Both are fun.  The big audience outdoors is unlike anything else.  Super scary at first.  You never get your sound on stage perfect so you just have to let go and have fun.  Our own shows are more about the whole trip.  The lights, sound, what everything looks like.  Way more to worry about, but easier to control.

Can you tell us about your latest cover song of the Runaways "Cherry Bomb" How did that eventuate?
We were asked.

You have played with some pretty amazing bands on tour in the past, who have you learned from the most? Is there someone in the future that you would like to invite to tour with you guys?
Can't say whether we picked up more from single band.  Just bits and pieces as we went along.  These days probably more from the younger bands we have opening for us.  They always remind us of how much fun it is, and how lucky we are to get to do this.

Do you still keep in contact with former drummer Eric Hedford?
Yes, We actually played a gig with him last October.  They were closing a club that we used to play at when we first started out, so we all got together, got out all the old equipment and made it work.  It was a blast.  So we are going to do it again on March 10th.

Thank you for answering these questions! What do you have planned as a new year’s resolution? Are you ready to take your music into a new direction for the new decade? We hope so as we love the way the Dandy Warhols challenge the music industry with new and exciting ideas!
We are always trying to find new directions to take our music.  Sometimes we are so caught up in what we are doing that we don't realize exactly what we are doing, but it seems to come out pretty good.
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