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The Killers Live Review

Earl Ho
Earl Ho
Brandon Flowers

The Killers Live review.

Wednesday 8th March 2009

Vector Arena

With their spectacular new album Day & Age added to their other spectacular albums Hot Fuss and Sam's Town, The Killers seem to be a band that can do no wrong. Day & Age was an album that slowly grew on me until I had to submit to it's power and beauty and bow down like if it was my god. So when the Killers were announced to play vector arena I was filled with joy to put it simply.

After a long wait, a cancellation of the christchurch show, and re scheduling the Auckland show, The Killers were in New Zealand on a rather shitty day.

The Checks opened the night to a half filled Vector Arena, which didn't seem to bother them at all, as they played an energy filled set, with songs from the upcoming album and a few crowd pleasers from their first album. Their energy was great and the presence of the front man Ed Knowles was great in psyching the crowd up for the main event.

The arena filled up soon after and after about half an hour the lights darkened, causing a polyphonic screaming and clapping frenzy to which the Killers triumphantly walked on to the stage. Everyone in the band looked very sharp with Brandon Flowers wearing his awesome feathered shoulder jacket. They opened their set with their first single off their new album "Human". The response from the crowd was great with everyone singing along and dancing, thus, choosing the latter of Flower's lyric in the chorus, "Are we human? Or are we dancer?".

They did play a lot off their new album and the new songs seem to fit right into the air of the arena. They had a few extra members in the band to recreate the big sound of the new songs without using too much backing tracks and samples. Particularly the song "I can't stay" which has a very tropical sound was executed very well with the help of an extra percussionist, and with fake palm trees along the back of the stage, this song seemed to justify why they were there.

All their hits were played and scattered through out the set and they were played very well, with some of them having extended parts to spice things up. The song "Sam's town" was arranged into more of a piano ballad at the start, slowly building up into it's more heavy arrangement like on their record.The crowd reacted very well to some of their "Album"(Non single tracks) tracks, such as, "For reasons unknown".  They even threw in their amazing cover of Joy Division's "Shadowplay", from their album of b sides Sawdust, which made all the Joy Division fans scream and shout.

The most spine tingling moment was when they played "All these things that I've done".  A long and drawn out chord on a synth went on for a long time with no one really knowing what song was coming, until Brandon Flowers graciously sang the opening line, "When there's no where else to run...". This song, it seems was made for huge shows where huge audiences can sing along, particularly in the bridge where it breaks down to the chant, "I got soul, but I'm not a soldier", then building up into the final chorus. After this song the band left the stage with no words, just a mighty throw of the drummer's drumsticks into the crowd, thus, implying that they were coming back soon and that they just need a toilet break, maybe a glass of beer. Who knows what they get up to before they come back out for an encore.

Anyways they came back out and played "Bones", the mighty opening track of Day & Age "Losing Touch", where Brandon Flowers inquired to the audience if they should play the song or not as they weren't to sure, and obviously they did and did so very well. They followed that up with "Jenny was a friend of mine" and ended the night with "When you were young", with explosions and a big frenzy of sparks which pretty much put the icing on the cake.

The Killers came and they conquered. Simple as that.


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