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Lady Gaga - The Monster Ball Tour

Scott Newman
Scott Newman

I recently experienced the Monster Ball Tour featuring Lady Gaga. I want to share an insight into the avant-garde world of Lady Gaga & her little monsters.



24th August 2010 Roger’s Arena, Vancouver, BC

Dance in the Dark
Just Dance
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
The Fame
Boys Boys Boys
Money Honey
Brown Eyes
So Happy I Could Die
Poker Face
Bad Romance

Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour started way back in November 2009 and due to finish in April 2011. The tour is set to gross over 200 Million dollars with Lady Gaga donating some proceedings to charitable organizations worldwide. She has visited North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania playing with various bands in support. The tour was originally supposed to be with Kanye West in support. Due to the 2009 VMA Awards incident he decided to withdraw from the tour.

The Monster Ball is a musical production with multiple costume changes and intervals. It is an experience of epic proportions. There is plenty of entertainment provided in the show including big surprises, sexy dancing, props galore, beats, fashion styles, make-up, heels, stages and of course the queen of pop herself, Lady Gaga.

The promotion of the tour is that it is a "pop-electro opera" with the theme of the show being evolution. It really is an epic 2 hour long journey into the life of fame that Lady Gaga claims to have. She is a big time performer drawing from the influences of Madonna, Michael Jackson and Queen. Her show is not entirely about the music it is also about the arts, dance, sexuality, communication, love and the theatrical arts.

Lady Gaga refers to her fans often as little monsters (affectionately) and is currently the most followed person in the world on her Twitter

Please check out my experience of the Lady Gaga Monster Ball Below. Thank you.


The Monster Ball tour opener for the Vancouver shows had a relatively unknown band called Semi Precious Weapons. They gave a highly energetic performance with a huge drive at the audience to give them more recognition for their show. The band gave out gift merchandise throughout the show as well as getting the audience to chant Lady Gaga as well as their band name. Wearing makeup and fashionable clothing they were a good fit as openers for Lady Gaga. The crowd were still streaming in during the set with a lot of people dressed up in crazy outfits. Girls were wearing makeup with lightning bolts around the eye. (Lady Gaga Fame Tour Style) There was plenty of high heels and short, short pants to go round. Everyone was in high anticipation for the big show up next.

Starting off with Dance in the Dark (in the dark behind a long curtain) was genius. From where I was sitting I could see behind the curtain as she stood defiantly behind the curtain on top of a platform stage in very posh boots with high heels. She got right into it with some dance moves when the curtain rose. The crowd was in full applause as it was a tease to see her behind dim light in the arena. At this point I was worried that each song was going to be dramatically built up like this. Well, I got that kind of wrong as she climbed down to stage and ripped into Just Dance.

This show was all about set changes, crowd interaction and sexy fashion. Some of the highlights of the show were notably halfway through the performance. The song that really blew me away was not a big hit at all. Lady Gaga dedicated Speechless to her father and played it on a piano that had been set on fire! It was the best vocal performance of the show and proved that Lady Gaga is no overnight sensation as she drew upon her talent as a stage performer delivering a very powerful version of this song. It was at this point of the show that I really become to appreciate all of the vocal work that she was singing during dancing. Sure, there was a DJ on keyboards playing her voice on the backing of most songs but you really did hear how amazingly wonderful her voice is. She was born to be an electro-pop star.

During the show Lady Gaga promised to donate 20,000 dollars to the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Trans-Sexual Homeless community as well as match dollar for dollar all donations from the evening. She made a strong drive during the show that everyone should love themselves for who they are and that she believes in Gay rights, the right to love anyone. This drew strong applause from the audience. She even called up a woman from the crowd on her phone that was watching from a far and invited her to go watch closer as well as promising to meet her after the show. Lady Gaga had a strong rapport with the audience by singing happy birthday to one lucky punter in the standing general admission area. Plenty of people had dressed up on the floor and Lady Gaga did make mention of multiple people's outfits.

She finished with her big 4 songs (Alejandro, Poker Face, Paparazzi & Bad Romance) at the end of the show, changing costumes in between each song. Some of the props she had in the songs included fake blood, firework cone bra, body capes and cloaks and very interesting boots. Lady Gaga has a bizarre fashion sense which gives her a very high appeal! The strongest applause came from her big hits. The closing song Bad Romance featured a spinning gyro sphere with Lady Gaga emerging from it and delivered a great energetic performance. I have to mention that the dancers and band members really made the show highly enjoyable making it a huge spectacle. This let Lady Gaga focus on her own individual performance which enables her to shine, standing out from the rest with bright yellow/blonde hair which stood out heavily in the lighting.

Overall this was an epic, confident and amazing performance. I would recommend people to go and see the show or the next tour as she really is a big star in the making. She even mentioned that her record company was urging her to take a break but she revealed her latest songs to them. Now, they want her to get straight back into it after a short time space. Call it clever marketing as you never know when there will be someone else hogging the limelight. For what it's worth Lady Gaga is the real deal and will continue to rule the pop world as she delivers the goods in a complete performance. It may be over dramatic at times but overall it adds to the intrigue of her special style.

Check out Bad Romance from the Fame Monster below. Thank you for reading please comment on your Lady Gaga Monster Ball Experience!

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