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Love World of Warcraft, Hate Baby Seal Slaughter?

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Adrian Hatwell
Adrian Hatwell

It’s not all that often that gaming and activism come together, but this week you can show your digital opposition to the inhumane murder of Canada’s baby seals by throwing down with a team of Horde seal killers in World of Warcraft.

As the story goes, the Horde warchief Thrall refused to ban the cowardly practise of seal clubbing despite extensive lobbying from the Horde’s political counterpart, The Alliance. The slaughter of baby seals brings in large profits to the orc capitol city Orgrimmar, where their hides are used in fashion products, and so the heartless process continues. 

The analogue is pretty spot on as far as real world circumstances go; this season it is expected 338,200 harmless seals will be beaten and skinned to appease an uncaring fashion industry. Hundreds and thousands of gentle baby seals will be either shot or have their skulls crushed, often brutally snared through the eyes, mouth, or cheeks so that their pelt remains intact.       
Warrior activists from across the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor are assembling in the WhisperWind realm, in a world called Howling Fjord, on April 11th to battle the insidious seal-slaughtering scourge, and they welcome all moral crusaders to the fray. You must be at least a level 70 player to access the Howling Fjord world.

If, like myself, you have a personality far too prone to addiction to risk a World of Warcraft account you can always speak out against the unjustifiable slaughter sans avatar; click over here in order to give a number of influential Canadian officials a piece of your mind.

Whether you join the fight on or offline the quest promises a healthy boost to your consciousness and compassion stats, and those adorably manipulative little seals thank you.

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