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Man On The Moon?

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

1969. That was the year that man stepped on the moon. Now that we have landed on the moon all of the countries around the world must believe the space race as over and no one is allowed to make this "under-rated" achievement happen again?  So in 40 more years we have not been able to do this feat again?  Hmmmmm?

I want to believe. I just find it so hard to see past some facts so please do entertain my conspiracy fed mind with the facts that I am wrong that historically claim that man did step forth on the moon.

First, why has no one gone and stepped on the moon again? Is it out of bounds? Granted, it costs so much for a space mission and why do something that had been done before? However, I do find it fascinating that Neil Armstrong could quite possibly be the greatest American hero that never gets publicly celebrated, why is that? You would think a moon landing would deserve more recognition, maybe even a public holiday? Instead it is all a bit been there done that. "Very suspicious?"

The technology in movies in particular science fiction classics came out around the same time as the moon landing. Who can forget 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick?  Doesn't it make you wonder that the footage of the moon landing could be a Hollywood stage set? With all that wind flapping the United States flag around in zero gravity space, it can't be ruled out!

Landing on the moon surely cannot be a one hit wonder! A flight of fantasy perhaps of the impossible kind. Or maybe there are things happening on the moon that we don't know about? You really have to wonder if it is possible to land on the moon considering all the evidence during the space race as well as the fact that no one has done it ever again!

As Michael Stipe, front-man of alternative rock group R.E.M. said. "If you believed they put a man on the moon, man on the moon" With only the proof of what we have in video archives, historian claims and rather anonymous astronauts who don't dare publicly speak about the wondrous accolades of the space quest they undertook years before?

Could it be the greatest conspiracy of all time? Or the greatest thing man had ever done not to be talked about like a taboo subject forever? What puts this to rest would be to do it again, if you can? So many questions and not enough answers.

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