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MGMT live review

Earl Ho
Earl Ho

1st show. Tuesday 21st. 

Just managing a ticket (for a fair price) on trade me a week prior to the 3 gigs from Brooklyn's MGMT, I was quite excited about witnessing MGMT's psychedelic sounds through their live band at the Powerstation. Although their debut album was released almost two years ago they came out to an enthusiastic crowd who felt the wait was well  worth it. The sound on the night was quite bad, starting off with Surf City being waaaay too loud i thought, however, their tunes were great and were definitely a great band to warm up the crowd for the main event. 

MGMT finally came on to a raucous applause with Andrew sporting a shorter and less hippy hair cut and smiles started sprout around the venue as they launched into "Future Reflections" demonstrating their psychedelia early on by playing their last track off their album first, which to me is psychedelic in itself, but yes the song was a great opening track. Next up was one of the stand out tracks of the album "Weekend Wars" where the crowd saw the intensity of the gig subside into a bit of comedy as Andrew sung the word "Email"  instead of "Evil" of the first line of the song, resulting in a few chuckles and a friendly request to the start the song again. Once under way the song sparked the first of many intense goosebump/shiver moments with the song highlighting Andrew's strangely weird and awesome vocals which sounded very good. 

"Of moons, birds, and monsters" was definitely one of the stand out track of the night with it's amazing hypnotic instrumental bridge transfixing me into a trance like state in awe of the power of music, or even deeper, sound, cause i mean music is just sound right?  "Pieces of What" saw the first almighty sing a long and made me introspect how awesome this song is, with it's perfect simplicity and awe inspiring lyrics and the bit where the drums come in, yeah thats when everyone started jumping, ah..... 

The trio of singles "Time to Pretend", "Electric Feel", and "Kids" did not fail to impress the audience with the opening bars sending the crowd into hysterics and generally more rowdy then the rest of the songs they played. "Time to Pretend" was my favorite out of the three with its lyrical theme of being the cliche rockstars and being "fated to pretend", synchronized with the joyful music, and seeing the band actually doing what they love, inspiring all these people who paid money to see them play, was actually quite emotional. Yes "Time to pretend" is just one of those songs that does it to me. 

There is however one little thing that bugged me about the gig which was the lead guitarist of the live band with his long and annoying "Power solos" in some of the songs. I mean they were fine for a while and actually quite funny because he just looked liked an average joe with long hair who likes playing video games and watching football, but as he progressed the solos got annoying the by the second and what made it worse was he liked playing in the higher register of his guitar so they were really high notes piercing the insides of my ears. BUT, i suppose he was just getting into the spirit of the music, you know playing with his soul, and i also suppose being a guy, he'd wanna impress the ladies and what not. 

Anyways, they ended their set quite unorthodoxly one could say with "Kids" in their encore but they played a backing track and did rowdy karaoke version of the song which i thought was a little underwhelming as i was looking forward to a live version, however, they made that up to me and whoever else who felt the same way i did by doing a second encore of what appeared to be tracks form their upcoming album "Congratulations" scheduled for a 2010 release, and by judging what i heard, it should be another great album.


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