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Michael Jackson Remembered: What’s Your Favourite Song?

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Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee
Whatever anyone says about Michael Jackson, the man could sing, he could dance, and he could bring people together.
It’s amazing how when someone so known all over the world dies, everyone connects with each other that little bit more.
I have discovered, for instance, that my dairy lady’s favourite M.J. song is “Smooth Criminal”. I still don’t know her name.
I didn’t know that one of my best friends, whom I’ve known for years, has played “You Are Not Alone” every time she’s had a break up.
I didn’t know that my little sister knew who Michael Jackson was, let alone has a soft spot for “Thriller.”
I didn’t know that another friend knows the entire “Thriller” dance, and can still perform it, from memory.
I didn’t know that Michael Jackson had so many songs dedicated to asking people to work together; from “Black or White”, to “Heal the World”, and “Man in the Mirror.”
I didn’t know he had a patent for the “anti-gravity lean” used in “Smooth Criminal.”
I didn’t know he could get so many celebrities into one music video. In a move that I bet no one could rival today, he managed to get Steven Spielberg, Paula Abdul, John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Suzanne Somers, Weird Al Yankovic, Whoopi Goldberg and David Copperfield, among others, in one room to shoot “Liberian Girl.”
Watching the C4 tribute today and texting furiously, (along with talking to my Mum about Farrah Fawcett), I realised that the man may have been strange.
He may have had chimps and plastic surgery and weird friends, and weirder hobbies.
 But Thriller is still the best selling album of all time, and Michael Jackson had everyone excited at the prospect of his 50 sold-out performances starting from July 13, 2009 in London.
Newsvine's Michael Jackson song voting poll has just as many stories as votes, from favourite video to favourite club song, to personal tales of love and loss.
Twitter pages are full of tributes, from Miley Cyrus and John Mayer, to Ludacris and Lindsay Lohan. Celebrities from Madonna to Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy are paying their respects in interviews.
“The Way You Make Me Feel”, is my personal favourite Michael Jackson song, and I’ll still dance to it anytime, anywhere.
I sent a text asking my friends to tell me their favourite song and why: I got replies ranging from “Black and White” to “Ben”.
There was “They Don’t Care About Us”, ‘for showing the true side of human nature’ and because ‘it’s atmospheric and visceral and catchy at the same time’.
“Bad” because ‘it was just a great song’.
“You Rock My World” and “Rock With You” ‘because they’re just so funky and smooth’, and “Billie Jean ‘because it has the best bass line ever.’
Everyone knows his music, everyone has a favourite song. If you’re going to be remembered, why not for something that forms a connection across age, race, and stereotype?
What’s your favourite song?



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