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Movie Review – Agora

Like Mike
Like Mike

Going into this film all I knew about it was from what I could garner from a brief look at its poster, which showed it to be an ancient Roman period drama with the very beautiful Rachel Weisz in the lead. Since ‘Gladiator’ in 2000, there have been a lot of films set during the time period of Roman rule over Europe and most of them are the typical sword and sandal battle epics, but I had a feeling this was going to be a little different. So, with excitement building to see another film set during this very interesting period of time I sat down ready for almost anything.

“Alexandria, 391AD: Hypatia teaches astronomy, mathematics, and philosophy. Her student Orestes is in love with her as is Davus, her personal slave. As the city's Christians, led by Ammonius and Cyril, gain political power, the great institutions of learning and governance may not survive. Jump ahead 20 years: Orestes, the city's prefect, has an uneasy peace with Christians, led by Cyril. The Christians enforce public morality; first they see the Jews as their obstacle, then women. Hypatia has no interest in faith; she's concerned about the movement of celestial bodies and the brotherhood of all. What place is there for her?”

‘Wow’ was pretty much the only word I had in my head coming out of this film and anger was the only emotion I could muster. ‘Wow’ because this was one of the most beautiful and epic films I’ve ever seen, and anger because it made me want to punch all religions in the face! The history of the world, and our modern times for that matter, is filled with death and destruction of people in the name of religion, and all religions are guilty of this, and this film showed so well the absurdity of it all. The film had its flaws, especially around the halfway mark, but the message behind the story and the performances were amazing! Throw in truly epic real sets, and not CG sets, and you have a film that drew me in so much that I couldn’t help but feel for all the characters and the desperateness of their situation. I really hope this goes on to find an audience as it deserves to be seen and especially on the big screen!

9 out of 10 from me.

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