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Movie Review – Beautiful Lies

Like Mike
Like Mike

I remember, all those years ago, when I first saw the French film ‘Amelie’ in 2001, and how I instantly fell in love with Audrey Tautou. She seemed so full of life, and not to mention drop dead cute, but since then I had only ever seen her in one more film, the Hollywood adaption of the ‘Da Vinci Code’. I always wondered why she didn’t break into the USA market in a bigger way, though that fact didn’t stop her prolific work in her native France. Then about two months ago I watched ‘Amelie’ again for the first time in 10 years, and once again, I fell in love with lovely Miss Tautou. So, when I got my invite for ‘Beautiful Lies’, her latest French film, I was excited to see her once again 10 years later to see if she still had the magic.

“Thirty-year-old Emilie runs a hairdressing salon where she provides an endless stream of well-meaning advice to her clients and friends, but the only person she cannot seem to help is her own mother. Jean, a young man who works for Emilie, is secretly in love with her but a pathological shyness prevents him from declaring his feelings. Finally, unable to contain himself, he opens his heart in a passionate anonymous letter, but Emilie has other plans.”

Well, I guess my dislike of lying in real life was always going to affect my view of a film that was all about lying. Not that it’s some sort of major moral issue for me, but we can’t help when some personal thoughts get reflected onto what we see on screen. But, despite those feelings, I can honestly say that this film just didn’t work. It was filled with unlikable characters, and the only ‘nice’ lead character ended up being twisted into a not so nice character by the others. Yes, they did the classic redeeming story arcs, but sadly I just didn’t buy it. Add in the fact it was too long, and had a strange and pointless ending shot for one of the characters, just made this film not my cup of tea. Also as far as Miss Tautou goes, I really didn’t like her character or her in this film. Bring back 2001 I say!

6.5 out of 10 from me.

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