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Movie Review – The Company Men

Like Mike
Like Mike

Without sounding like I’m beating a dead horse, as ever I went into this film knowing nothing about it at all, as did my flat mate Kyle, and the last time the two of us did that we came out with polar opposite opinions about the film we had seen. I liked it, he loathed it. Even though I didn’t know what we were about to see I hoped at least it would be one we would both enjoy. So, he got himself a wine, I got an ice cream, and we sat down with the other media and press types and hoped for a good experience from ‘The Company Men’.

“When the GTX Corporation must cut jobs to improve the company's balance sheet during the 2010 recession, thousands of employees will take the hit, like Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck). Bobby learns the real life consequences of not having a job. Not only does he see a change to his family lifestyle, and the loss of his home, but also his feelings of self-worth.”

Well, when Ben Affleck first appeared on screen followed by a few other top Hollywood actors, I knew we were in for a good film and I wasn’t wrong. I simply loved this film and it was so of our times! And yes, Kyle liked it as well! The acting, writing and directing were just so well crafted and I was blown away to find out it was a first time director at the helm. But, after a bit more research, I realised he wasn’t exactly new to being behind successful projects, in various capacities, from great movies like ‘One Hour Photo’ to TV series like ‘ER’. In fact I loved this film so much that it will go down in my books as one of the best debut feature films in recent times.

9.5 out of 10 from me.

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