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Movie Review – Curry Munchers

Like Mike
Like Mike

The first I heard about Curry Munchers was when I saw a poster for it at the cinemas and it had a great tag line. In spray paint it said ‘Curry Munchers go home’ but ‘home’ was crossed out and it said ‘go to this movie’. I thought it was a clever tag line that clearly labelled it as a comedy, so I went out to hunt down more information. That’s when I found out it was a self funded New Zealand comedy, which instead of being released the usual way through a distributor, was being released exclusively through Event Cinemas. Being a film maker myself I thought this was an interesting ‘behind the movie story’ so I looked forward to seeing if the story on screen was as good.

“Curry Munchers follows the life of Sid (Aunanda Naaido), a mid-twenties boy who migrates to Auckland from Delhi with his parents. He realizes that he is no longer as popular as he was in Delhi, and believes all he needs is a motor bike, like the one he had back home, to again catch the attention of girls. His parents (Ajay Vasisht and Leela Patel) want him to focus on his engineering studies, but Sid takes a part-time job at a struggling restaurant as a kitchen hand, without his parents’ knowledge, in order to buy the motorbike. His focus moves away from study towards the restaurant, new-found friends including the local girl Mary (Alison Titulaer). Then came along an opportunity to win the first ever 'Auckland Metro Cooking Competition', which changed his life forever. The struggle to keep all sides happy leads Sid to question who and what, is the most important in his new life.”

This was a mess of a film to be honest and had some major technical issues, which I believe were really inexcusable. The sound mix and design had some shockingly bad moments and the edits and colour grade were just as bad. When the ‘technicals’ of a film are so bad it can very quickly bring a film to its knees and anything good about it suddenly becomes an afterthought. For me, the best parts of the film were some of the performances, and I have to say that by the end it was kind of so bad that it became good!

5.5 out of 10 from me.

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