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Movie Review – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

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Like Mike

‘Harry Potter’ number 6 left me with an ever so slight sour taste in my mouth as it felt like such an in between movie with the story being pretty much a cliff hanger. So when I heard that the final book in the series was going to be broken up into two movies, and drawn out even further, I had much trepidation about it as the feeling I got after number 6 surely would be even greater after part one of number 7. Though this isn’t to say I wasn’t looking forward to it or haven’t really liked the previous movies, because I have. It’s almost that I’m so into the story that not knowing the whole thing can be a real downer as after so many years, and films, I just want to know what happens! So with my trepidation held firmly at bay I sat down to watch the first part of number 7.

“Voldemort's power is growing stronger. He now has control over the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione decide to finish Dumbledore's work and find the rest of the Horcruxes to defeat the Dark Lord. But little hope remains for the Trio, and the rest of the Wizarding World, so everything they do must go as planned.”

With the same director at the helm for the last three movies, well four, as this is cut into two parts, it’s allowed for a more generally consistent feel to the films and I’ve really liked the growing darker feel and tones that the series has taken on as the characters have grown older. This film though has, by far, taken it to the edge of what a kids film can push as I often felt it was verging on being an almost dark adult film with some of the themes of the story and how it was depicted. With the best performances to date and generally tight story, though still lacking as you can tell there has been so much left out, this made for the best film in the series so far, and with some action sequences thrown in, took it to the next level. As the film ended, with no sense of 'hanging', I was just amped for the last film which hits our screens in eight months time!

9 out of 10 from me.

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