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Movie Review – My Wedding and Other Secrets

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Like Mike

Sadly, of the New Zealand films I’ve seen in the last couple of years I’ve been really disappointed by the quality of them, with the exception, of course, being ‘Boy’. Even though it’s part of the business that not every film will be good, it’s a different story when a high percentage of them aren’t. Which brings me to 2011 when ‘Love Birds’ brought back a glimmer of hope for me, and with the nice looking ‘Tracker’ fast approaching, I thought maybe this will be a standout year, similar to 2006 when we had ‘Sione’s Wedding’, ‘Eagle vs Shark’ and ‘Out of the Blue’ all raise the bar. Around the time I saw ‘Love Birds’, I stumbled across the first trailer for ‘My Wedding and Other Secrets’, which had flown completely under my radar, and it blew me away!  It looked like a well acted and directed love story, at the level of how the trailer for ‘Boy’ made me feel when I first saw it, so I quickly snapped up my ticket when it hit cinemas.

“The contemporary story of Chinese New Zealand-born over-achiever Emily Chu, raised to believe she can get anything she puts her mind to. Even if 'anything' is at odds with her traditional Hong Kong born parents' wish for her to become a doctor like her two older sisters. Everything is coming up roses - until she meets James, a European New Zealander, and accidentally falls in love with him. But if her father finds out, she will face disownment. By the time Emily realises that she's sacrificing the respect of her family to follow her heart, James, too, has fallen irrevocably in love and there's nothing for it but to try and keep their relationship a secret. Happy endings don't come easy, if at all, but that doesn't mean they don't happen. But for Emily to get one, she needs to show James and her family that she has learned a lesson about the selflessness of love.”

Wow! I loved this film!  Apart for one smaller character who I thought was a bit hit and miss, I thought the acting was top notch and the directing great! The story was very well written and well told and the sound track helped keep up a good pace. The comedy beats and the dramatic moments all resonated as very real and just worked. In fact it was one of those movies that left a smile on your face during and after it. There was one scene that just didn’t play out as well as the rest of the film, but despite that, I think this is the best kiwi film in years and, for me, was even better than ‘Boy’!

9 out of 10 from me.

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