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Movie Review – Transformers, Dark Side Of The Moon

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Like Mike

I loved the ‘Transformer’ cartoons as a kid, and maybe loved the toys even more, and in fact, they are still the only childhood toys I have kept my hands on. I mean, even as an adult, a toy that can turn from a car or plane into a robot with weapons is just simply awesome! So when they started making live action films based off the series I was, like many other people, hugely excited about the idea, until I heard they had hired Michael Bay to direct.

Now I don’t exactly hate Michael Bay’s work but I just didn’t want him on this project. Then again, some argued he was the best person for the job for what would be a pretty over the top film and I guess I couldn’t argue with that. The first film actually turned out pretty cool, although had some flaws, and although having some very cool sequences, the second film showed a downward spiral. So, when the third in the series came out I was of course going to see it, but I just hoped it didn’t keep going on downwards.

“The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the Moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and to learn its secrets.”

‘Aww’ is the word I felt by the end of the movie as I just didn’t care anymore once it was all done and dusted. When watching ‘Sucker Punch’, a film I should have loved, I came out bored as bored can be as the big over the top action just couldn’t pay off the bad characters and story telling, and that’s exactly what I felt about this film, though not as bad as ‘Sucker Punch’ I must add. This film was way too long and by the end I didn’t care about the huge action going on as the story and the characters up to that point just bored me and so I was never hooked by anything. At the start I was, but it went downhill from there. In fact I can’t even remember any cool action scenes, but I can think of lots from the first two movies. I now hear that Bay is leaving after this film and the next in the series will have a whole new voice behind it, and I can’t think of anything more timely!

6.5 out of 10 from me.

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