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Movie Review – Wunderkinder

Like Mike
Like Mike

I always love getting press invites for the general cinema releases of films I missed at the New Zealand International Film Festival. It gives me a second bite at the apple of the mostly great films that screen there, and so when my invite for this film came, I accepted it, and went in expecting something pretty good.

“The story takes place in the Ukraine (Poltava) in 1941 before and during the German invasion. This story is about deep friendship between three musically talented children. Two Jewish children, both virtuosic, and a talented German girl, who all share a love of music. Their friendship extends beyond the gaps of different religions and nationalities, The Nazis invasion to the Soviet Union destroyed their world and they and their families deal with death threats War brings with it.”

'Wunderkinder' showed me a great example of how a film can be more about propaganda than telling a good story. It doesn't matter what the subject is about, because as soon as it feels like the film makers are trying to overly manipulate your thoughts and feelings about something, that's when you know they've crossed the line. The directing also felt a little amateurish, and the colour grade was pretty heavy handed. I did enjoy it though, but it felt kind of movie of the week for me.
B- From Me!!!

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