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Movie Review – Your Highness

Like Mike
Like Mike

The last time I saw an historical based comedy was ‘Year One’, which looked like it should have been really good but just died up on screen. So, when the trailer for ‘Your Highness’ came out I had a bad feeling inside that if not done right it could easily go the way of ‘Year One’. However, with another great cast on screen, I thought they were at least putting their best foot forward and decided I’d give it a chance when it hit the cinemas.

“As two princes on a daring mission to save their land, they must rescue the heir apparent’s fiancée before their kingdom is destroyed. Thadeous (Danny McBride) has spent his life watching his perfect older brother Fabious (James Franco) embark upon valiant journeys and win the hearts of his people. Tired of being passed over for adventure, adoration and the throne, he’s settled for a life of wizard’s weed, hard booze and easy maidens. But when Fabious’ bride-to-be, Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel), gets kidnapped by the evil wizard Leezar (Justin Theroux), they all head off on an adventure that will change everything.”

The last film from this director was the very weak ‘Pineapple Express’, which had so much promise but just turned into a stoner comedy that was a bit of a mess. Looking at his past films, which were all dramas, also made him a strange choice for that film, and with this film along the same stoner comedy lines, I again wondered why pick him for it? Although I did enjoy this more than ‘Pineapple Express’, it was still just not as good as it could have been. It often felt like they were relying on bad language to get the laughs, as it came out of these medieval characters ‘old English’ accented mouths, and the low brow and stoner comedy was just so broad that it didn’t hold for the full movie. It did have some pretty good one liner’s and moments, but just not enough to make this anything more than average.

6.5 out of 10 from me.

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