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Movie Review - Law Abiding Citizen

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Law Abiding Citizen

‘Law Abiding Citizen’ is one of those few films that I decided to see entirely because of its film trailer. I’ve said before that I often know a lot about a film long before it comes out due to my avid surfing the net and reading all the film gossip. So when I do finally see the trailer I’m pretty much already 80% decided on whether I’m going to see the film or not and the trailer will either tip me one way or the other. But this was one film that didn’t seem to really catch my attention when reading about it and I’m sure I saw an earlier trailer that also didn’t make a big impression on me. So when I eventually saw the final trailer, just before the film hit cinemas, it suddenly caught my attention in a big way.

“The plot focuses on a man who, ten years after his wife and daughter are brutally murdered, returns to extract justice from the assistant district attorney who prosecuted the case against their killers. His vengeance threatens not only the man who allowed mercy to supersede justice, but also the system and the city that made it so.”

Gerard Butler stars as the man with vengeance on his mind and Jamie Foxx is the man there to try and stop him. Both of them did a really good job and Butler in particular pulled off a really great performance as he’s still an actor I’m not entirely convinced is that good, but he proved me wrong in this role that’s for sure. I have to say this film lived up to that trailer which motivated me to go and see it and, except for a strange thing that happened near the start of the film, it was solid all the way through. Until the end! This is not to say it was a bad ending, but for me I just found it unfulfilling and felt it was the wrong way to go.  However, at the same time I can see other people thinking it was a good way to end.

Despite that ending, and the one strange bit at the beginning, I still thought this was a great thriller and there were times I thought it was simply brilliant!

8 out of 10 from me.

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