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Movie Review - Surrogates

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Like Mike

When I first saw the trailer for ‘Surrogates’, I was pretty excited about it for two reasons. First off, I follow news of the film industry pretty closely and even though this film had come to my attention in a very small way a while ago, the trailer was a big surprise when I finally saw it as I had completely forgotten about the film. 

I had a similar reaction to the recent trailer for ‘Ninja Assassin’, which again is a film I had some knowledge of, but the trailer was so good that it immediately got me excited about the project.  And that’s the good thing about trailers! Even for someone like me who follows films from development through to seeing them at the cinema, a good trailer can still be the first real thing that grabs my attention.

So for ‘Surrogates’ the second reason that got me excited was the trailer, which made it look pretty good. It looked like a mix of ‘i Robot’ and ‘Minority Report’, which are both near-future sci-fi movies that I really liked and this film had a very similar feel and what looked like a similar plot.

‘In 2017, humans live in near-total isolation, rarely leaving the safety and comfort of their homes, thanks to remotely-controlled robotic bodies that serve as "surrogates," designed as better-looking versions of their human operators. Because people are safe all the time, and damage done to a surrogate is not felt by its owner, it is a peaceful world free from fear, pain, and crime...or so they thought.’

I went into the film expecting good things, especially as it had one of my favourite actors in the lead (Bruce Willis), but it just never came close to those expectations of mine. The story was interesting but it kind of felt like it was catching onto a fad that’s currently a big topic - online gaming and the lives of people online - and tried to make a sci-fi thriller out of it. Add to that some pretty average writing and acting, as well as a general sense of just not believing that what was happening in the story could ever really happen, made me never really connect with the film or the story. Now some people may say , 'hey, it's sci-fi and you're not meant to believe whether it could happen or not', which is a fair point, but this just felt too unreal, especially in the near-future timeframe it gave us.

So all up only 6 out of 10 from me.

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