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Movie Review - Transporter 3

Brad Kreft
Brad Kreft

Jason Statham brings his gravelly-voiced Frank Martin back to cinema screens for another fast-paced action romp that tries desperately to live up to the speed and intensity of the first two. Statham jumps back in the Audi for this third instalment of the high intensity Transporter series which won’t, unfortunately, go down as a classic by any means.

Writer Luc Besson’s first pair of movies were fun and mischievous while delivering on the action front but there’s something about number three that doesn’t quite fit.
The plot is fairly straightforward for an action movie. Thanks to a nifty explosive wristband, Statham’s Frank Martin cannot not venture further than 75 feet from his beloved Audi or it’s curtains for him and his 100 percent success rate. Completing the job is made even more difficult by the fact that Martin is transporting not only the package but a moody Ukrainian girl (Natalya Rudakova) who spends most of the movie pouting indifferently and pissing him off. The man behind the job is an equally gravelly-voiced Robert Knepper (everyone’s favourite psycho from Prison Break) who certainly knows his way round a villain’s role. A thin environmental subplot runs through the movie which taps into the concerns of society at this period in time but really it’s just a device to add to the ‘evilness’ of our villain.
Statham is his usual explosive best but I can’t say the same about the movie in general. While the Transporter series has never tried to be anything too serious, too Bourne-y, it comes off in this movie as a touch too ridiculous. I’m all for big, impressive stunts and action that makes my eyes bleed but the stunt team got a little carried away at some places. Of course not as carried away as Die Hard 4.0 but getting close. A visually impressive but highly unbelievable freestyle BMX show from Statham’s character is where I draw the line unfortunately.
Russian newcomer Natalya Rudakova picks her was through her lines in broken English, which does add a certain vulnerability to the character while at the same time coming off as a little weak in the acting department. She may be striking visually, with an unusual volume of freckles and fiery orange hair but it’s obvious she doesn’t hail from an acting background. Knepper on the other hand channels some of the wickedness from his T-Bag days on Prison Break and comes off as a highly unlikable villain, which is spot on.
Believability is obviously not what they were shooting for with this movie but at the same time you need to keep the imagination in check before everything starts to feel a little too much like a live-action hyperbole. Transporter 3 is easy to watch and enjoyable in some parts but it’s fair to say that you shouldn’t expect revolutionary filmmaking.
Director: Olivier Megaton
Cast: Jason Statham, Francois Berleand, Robert Knepper, Natalya Rudakova
Rating: 2/5

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