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Movie watch - Terminator Salvation

Julie Gray
Julie Gray
Terminator Salvation

Who could forget the immortal words of Arnie in The Terminator? "I'll be back" certainly became a popular movie quote for Arnold Schwarzenegger and with followers of popular movie culture alike. It certainly doesn't hurt the franchise to have two movies listed in the top 100 highest grossing box office movies of all time either. So with so much popularity following the Terminator (through time, it seems) can the latest instalment Terminator Salvation live up to the hype and appeal of the previous movies?

I'm keen to overlook the recent online hysteria surrounding Christian Bale losing it on set a few weeks back. Even hollywood A-listers can have bad days too. What I really care about is the end result and what I'll eventually be paying $15.50 to see. If I'm hyped for a movie (as I am for this one), I'll be bitterly disappointed if it flops.

My movie-going instincts are telling me that Terminator Salvation should be great. The cast is solid and Christian Bale is one hell of an actor. The writer, none other than James Cameron hasn't made a movie I haven't enjoyed (the Terminator franchise, Strange Days, Titanic). He's won three oscars and that's got to count for something. But here's the hitch... did you notice I mentioned 'writer' not 'director?'. James Cameron isn't directing this movie.

Without James Cameron at the helm, I'm not 100 percent sure Terminator Salvation will be the movie it should be. That's not to say the director 'McG' can't or won't do the movie justice. But looking at his IMDb profile doesn't really instill too much faith in me that he's got the same skills and history with the Terminator franchise to pull it off. He's credited as having written an episode of 'Chuck' and listed as the director for 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' as well as various other music videos. Hmmm.

John Connor may very well be the saviour of mankind in T4 but at the box office, Christian Bale may be taking on the role of a lifetime saving the much-loved Terminator movie franchise from a terrible fate. If his temper is anything to go by, he's definitely the man for the job ;)

Terminator Salvation releases in New Zealand on the 4th of June, 2009.


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