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Movie watch - Tron 2

Julie Gray
Julie Gray

There are times when you just feel like strangling some of the people in Hollywood, like the important people making decisions to create sequels to movies. Especially when the original movie (in this case, Tron) was so damn cool, it just didn't need a sequel. The same thing happened with 'The Lost Boys' recently and that sequel went straight-to-dvd here in New Zealand.

It goes without saying that there's definitely a minute part of me that is positively drooling over the thought of a sequel to Tron which is then quickly stamped out by the deep-rooted fear of some random director in Hollywood needlessly hacking this classic movie to shreds.

According to IMDB, the cast has been both confirmed (Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner) and rumoured (Karl Urban, John Hurt) and if the sneak preview trailer shown recently at the New York Comic Con is anything to go by, TR2N is going to be yet another movie any self-respecting sci-fi fan wouldn't want to miss.

With both Star Trek this year and now TR2N on the horizon, science fiction fans are going to be spoiled. Further to the rumours circulating at present, animation giant Pixar may be taking part in the production of TR2N, and that's only one more good reason to hope that this won't be another straight-to-dvd movie to avoid.

We wait in anticipation but for now, I'll be doing my best to avoid another rick roll on YouTube whilst looking for authentic sneak peeks of TR2N.

Damn rick rollers. Grr.


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