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Movie watch - the vampire returns

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Julie Gray
Julie Gray

I'm a self confessed vampire junky. I'll gladly overdose on any good vampire book, DVD, movie, comic, graphic novel or TV show if it involves vampires. Why? Because vampires are hot, that's why! And they're cool... I mean who wouldn't want to live forever?

But alas, the movie world hasn't been too kind to vampires. I can't even remember the last time there was a good vampire movie released. I can recall watching 30 Days of Night (based on the comic book series of the same name) which I thought was OK as far as vampire movies go, but it lacked something. It lacked depth and emotion.

And at the other spectrum we have the recently released book-to-movie rendition of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. Lock up your tweenage daughters I say, because you really don't want to have to fork out $120.00 on books straight after Christmas. There's four in the series, I know because gulp, I've read them.

As for the movie, well sure, it's about vampires but not in the traditional sense. Twilight is more of a romance story about teenage love rather than a horror. There's hardly any blood - which is terribly disappointing. I mean who can stomach watching a vampire movie without blood?!?

So I've done some research, and although Twilight may be the biggest thing since Harry Potter as far as books-to-movies go, it doesn't necessarily mean it's good.

I stumbled on this whilst checking out the latest movie trailers and I am now hunting down the book to read. The movie is called 'Let the Right One In'. It's a foreign movie and it looks fantastic. I won't go into the synopsis too much (you can check it out here but I will say that if you're any kind of vampire fanatic, you'll want to check this movie out - or at least read the book.

You can send me your letters of thanks in blood please, and not before the witching hour either - that's when I'm just waking up!

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