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My Movie Release Schedule Is No Longer Free... Sad Face

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Julie Gray
Julie Gray

As a movie fan and as a writer that writes about movies and dvds and the like, there are a few key tools you can utilise to ensure your information is accurate. Afterall, you want to be giving your readers the best (and correct) information, especially where movie release dates are concerned.

Unfortunately for me, that's going to be an even bigger challenge now. I have been receiving the free film release schedules from Sky City Cinemas (god bless them) for about six years now, perhaps even longer. This was something I had decided to do so that I could be as up to date as possible with New Zealand movie releases and therefore have the correct information at hand. If you're a fan of movies, it's really an invaluable document to have.

Last week I received an email from Sky City stating that they could no longer provide this documentation and that we were all at liberty to contact the MPDANZ (Motion Picture Distribution Association of New Zealand) if we wanted to continue receiving it.

So I dutifully followed the instruction and sent off my email hoping to receive the latest movie release schedule in my inbox. I received a reply yesterday from the MPDANZ informing me that if I wished to continue receiving this information, I would now be required to pay $500.00 plus GST annually to do so.

Perhaps if I worked somewhere more identifiable within the media industry, I might have been able to acquire one for free. Who knows? What I do know is that I can't afford $500.00 plus GST a year to fix my car let alone to receive a movie release schedule. So it's kinda sad that after having received this information for free for so long, we are now required to pay for it. I understand it's a service they are providing, but it's information that is really helping to promote the industry and therefore giving the movie-going public one more reason to actually go to these movies we blog about. Anything to help an industry I support.

Oh well, sad face. I guess I will just have to rely on random IMDb dates (assuming they have them) and guess the rest. If you know of anywhere else this information is available, please let me know. Sky City Cinemas are heroes for providing this information to us all for so long for free. My thanks goes out to you.

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