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New Zealand International Film Festival 2012 – Saturday, 21st July

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Shock Head Soul, The Angel's Share, and Bernie, a trifecta of great films to get my festival started!
Shock Head Soul
The New Zealand International Film Festival has begun, and my first film was 'Shock Head Soul'. It was introduced with a well made kiwi short film about a shocking medical practice I never knew existed in this country. I won't tell you what it is, as it will spoil the film, but check out 'In Safe Hands' if you can. 
The main feature though was a beautifully shot and told docudrama about an insane German judge from the 1890's who fought for his right to live his life unrestricted by asylums, as he deemed himself 'harmlessly insane' compared to 'dangerously insane'. 
His book, and case study, went onto inspire the likes of Fraud and Jung, and in many ways, even though it was his own sickness, saw him ahead of his times in the treatment of mental illness. Great film to get the fest started with! 
A From Me!!!
The Angel’s Share
My second film of the NZIFF, and third film of the day, was ‘The Angel’s Share’, and it was one I knew very little about. In fact, all I knew about it was the picture that advertised it, which was of the four main characters wearing kilts. For some reason I just knew it was going to be funny, and picking a film squarely based off that can often lead to a great time at the cinema!
'The Angel's Share' was the feel good film I was so in the mood for! Think 'Oceans 11' meets 'Trainspotting'! Ok, maybe that's not a good mix of films to compare it to, but it was a Scottish film about a Whisky heist, and it's way better and funnier than that sounds. But be prepared to only understand them half the time, as those accents be thick! 
A+ From Me!!!
My 4th, and last film of the day of the NZIFF, was one I picked purely because of the star of the film, Jack Black! He’s one actor that can hardly do any wrong, and even when he’s doing wrong, he’s still good for a few laughs.
Without a doubt 'Bernie' was the highlight of the day’s films, and one that was perfect for the big screen! When the film causes people, from all over the cinema, to have bursts of laughter and giggles that randomly vocalise throughout the whole place, you know you're doing something right. It's a docudrama, but done in a way that it's nearly impossible to figure out who are the actors and who are the real people. It's an amazing true story, and Jack Black was perfect, which meant the film got so close to getting my converted A++. 
A very strong A+ From Me!!!

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