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New Zealand International Film Festival 2012 – Saturday, 28th July

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Winter Nomads, Bonjour Tristesse, The Shinning and Amour 

Winter Nomads
A good way to get the day started at a film festival is to see a light hearted film, be it narrative, or a documentary. Seeing a down in the dumps drama can sometimes get the day off on a sombre tone, and so when I read the synopsis for this film, I knew it would be the perfect film to kick-start my 2nd day of films at the New Zealand International Film Festival!
Winter Nomads should have been the most boring movie ever made, as its main characters were two shepherds, 3 donkeys, 4 dogs, and 800 sheep, but yet it was a really sweet and smile inducing documentary. The ending left me a little hanging, as I would have loved an epilogue scene, but other than that, I've never been so happy about watching French sheep herders!
A From Me!!!
Bonjour Tristesse
I’ve been in a nostalgic mood of late when it comes to films, but it’s mainly because I’ve decided to make my way through those top 100 lists you often see in film magazines. I’ve seen lots of the modern ones, but often these lists are filled with old school films, so hence I’ve been going back and checking them out. When I saw this 1957 film playing at the NZIFF, I quickly marked it down as one to see.
Bonjour Tristesse was sadly a rather lacklustre and hard to connect with film. It was about rich spoilt people, living self indulgent and damaging lives, and it ended in such a downer for the characters involved that I didn't feel any pity for them. It had its moments though, and the restoration of the film looked fantastic, but not a memorable film in my eyes. 
C+ From Me!!!
The Shinning
Watching classic films on DVD is one thing, but when you get the chance to see them, maybe for the first time, on the big screen, you can’t turn that down! So that’s exactly what I did when I saw this movie was on the NZIFF schedule!
What can I say about 'The Shinning'? Well I overheard people walking out saying it wasn't scary, but really, that's like walking out of a screening of 'Psycho' and saying you knew the twist the whole time. Certain classic films are so embedded in our psyche as a society, that even if you haven't seen the film, you'll already know so much about it, and this inevitably dilutes its affect on you when you do see it. But, despite this being my 4th or 5th time seeing it, I can still say it's awesome, especially seeing it at the Civic! 
A+ From Me!!!
When you’re reading the programme for a film festival, and you see that a film won the Palme d'Or at Cannes, you pretty much automatically mark it down as a film to see. This is exactly what I did when I came across this one, and I even decided to read nothing more about the film. So I knew it was an award winner, and about love, and that’s all I needed. 
Despite 'Amour' being super sad and fairly depressing, it was the truest love story ever told. Because it's not Hollywood love, or any form of overly emotional glamorized love, but balls to the wall, through thick and thin love. It intentionally dragged on shots, scenes, and its overall length, which wasn't helped by me busting for the toilet for 3/4 of it, but those are the only flaws. Bloody awesome film, and expect some tears!
A From Me!!!

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