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PC Games

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

Computer games are great fun, a perfect way to unwind and escape the real world. With plenty of titles to choose from. Software developers from all around the world trying to bring out the next best design concept. I want to reflect upon an excellent past of PC games.

Firstly, I want to announce that I am a classic gamer. So I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for the computer games of the past. What separates today’s games to the older titles are the amazing ideas that were implemented in creating a captivating game that has high replay value.

Some of the best games that the world has ever known arrived in the eighties & early nineties. The age of experimental quality gaming  (perhaps the age of boredom) You will find it hard to look past the strategy games of Warcraft, Command & Conquer, Civilization & Age of Empires. All of these titles have continued in variation into modern games as they all were very successful systems in place and also providing depth with challenge.
If you wanted to unload clips at your enemies then you would have to take a look at Wolfenstein 3d, Doom, Duke Nukem, Rise of the Triad & Blake Stone. These set the standard for the newer Medal of Honor, Unreal & Half Life series of games with the 3d first person shooter platform. Doom is such a classic that there was even a movie made in its glory. Nothing like going berserk and destroying everything in sight. These games had excellent sound effects to match the run and gun game play.
Platform games changed dramatically through the gaming world with Commander Keen being one of the most successful through Apogee. Sega and Nintendo had brought out Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers as great household name characters. The biggest surprise in the PC world may have been Prince of Persia. For a small sized game it sure had a lot of delightful play in the game. A real adventure.
Simulations are a deep gaming technology advancement through PC gaming. The test drive series of games were awesome for doing runners on the cops. Plenty of submarine, flight & boxing games were developed. In fact it became very standard to have a game with a points system to replay and compare with best times/scores.
The sports games have all changed big time with graphics and game play changing dramatically with new technology. This is the same with most of the classic games but it is very noticeable game play wise. Electronic Arts are perhaps still the better sports game developer of the PC.
PC Games have been competitive to the huge gaming markets of Sega, Nintendo & Playstation. The X Box combines the PC games with its own consol & unique advancements in gaming experience.
The future in gaming is bringing forth new ideas and concepts to a broad and very expansive gaming world. All of the games of the early eighties/nineties shine brightly in the games of today. With the 2000's improving the quality of game play. Perhaps there can be a decade of new and exciting games to come out? What were your favourite games on the PC growing up?

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