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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

“Are the days gone where we used to get really excited about an artist or band’s new album release?” It is becoming harder to support bands these days especially without knowing what the new album may sound like?

Too many artists are being downloaded from popular torrent sites on the internet killing the record sales and production of music media. It is time to stand by the artists by going to their live shows and buying the music, merchandise and art. Buying an album or tracks online is so easy to do. I would like to share various internet resources to help keep the purchasing of music alive!
I find it best to support bands and the music they produce by using the internet. By following artists and bands via likes on Facebook or following them on Twitter. This is where you can get access to purchase the deluxe box packages! It is not just the hipsters that have the intention on getting the vinyl and the digital release you know! “Don’t you miss owning something physical?” (The artwork, lyrics and the original pressing of the media or perhaps even personalised items by the band members themselves.)
“So how do we find the new music or that track that I really like … erm what’s it called again?” There is so much more than using Facebook & Twitter! Shazam is a really cool app that listens to a sound recording and tells you what it is with links to buy it. You can then go online to to see what they all were in case you forgot!
Below I take a look at some excellent online music resources to help you support the music industry in an effortless way by exploring free avenues in listening to music by your favourite bands & artists!  All of the suggestions are available as phone or tablet apps so please investigate.
This may be the best music service on the internet as it is a really neat application which has access to a great library of hosted music. A huge subscription base and it is free (with advertising) A great way to preview before you buy and I highly recommend this. Can be used on devices by subscribing & very easy to use!
This website is fantastic and is the music cloud access for countries that cannot get Spotify. You can broadcast your song selections to your followers and create playlists of your favourite songs! I highly recommend this site if you cannot get Spotify as it rocks!
The music in the cloud that you get to contribute to by uploading content. Soundcloud is a recording facility to share sound globally. It has its own social network where can share your comments on recordings and is easy to embed on other sites. Has a great overall appearance.
The great online portal to music video content. If you get bored you can use the Google driven search engine to find music content. It is easy to subscribe to channels so you can quickly navigate to your favourite material.
This website is great as artists from all around the world release new material and then donate a percentage of the proceedings to a nominated charity. They also ask you to pledge on the new album and that entitles you to signed merchandise, art, limited edition work and other personalised items. A great idea which is more or less the possible future of the music industry.
A huge music library with a one month free subscription which can deliver music to devices via the cloud. Time to sell all the cd’s and tapes and pay for a subscription to host based music. Discovers listening trends and suggests new artists.
Still one of the greatest places on the internet to find underground music. Free to start a profile and very easy to use! A lot of North American participation makes it a happy hunting ground for new music listening.
One of the great original internet radio platforms on the internet. Pandora has faithful subscribers and is very easy to use. You subscribe (double leading zeros for NZ postal codes) and then type an artist in the search and away you go.
This site is all about the vinyl record. This site promotes the artists for the annual record store day at your favourite music outlets worldwide. You can preview the content and plan what re-release or limited edition material takes your fancy.
“We want the airwaves, baby!” – The Ramones. This is the worldwide radio site that gives you links to live radio stations. Obviously this is a great place to hear new music from remote sources.
These two music portals are the largest in the world. iTunes and the Google play store contain music for you to preview and download via credit card to your devices. It is a great way to check for new material or live and limited edition release. is a magnificent social network for music scrobbling. Scrobbling is the artist track logging of what you have been listening to on your devices. It builds a library of all of your favourite artists suggesting music that you may like due to your trends. It is a great place to meet other music lovers and track the events of artists. You can preview certain tracks once your library builds and learn about new music.
A music portal for DJ’s. Another internet radio where you preview tracks and broadcast to followers and the public. Very easy to use and addictive as you get to listen to other users musical taste and hear new music.
The music industry still needs to be supported! Please share comments of your own resources to preview and purchase music online. Thank you!

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