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Pottermore Vs. Guild of Thieves

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

Today I was playing computer games on the company dime. I enrolled myself into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry., got chosen by a wand of Rowan wood with a unicorn hair core (quite supple) and was placed by the Sorting Hat in Slytherin. (Which to be honest with you, I was a little surprised about, but I´ve settled into the decision nicely. After all, the Sorting Hat knows best, heh heh. And I loved Snape from the get-go).

So now that I have completed The Sorcerers Stone on Pottermore I am pissing around brewing potions for House Points - which is HARD - because progressing onwards to Book Two, The Chamber of Secrets, is not yet available.

I love Harry Potter, but there is a better game than Pottermore - "Guild of Thieves." And you probably haven’t heard of it, because it’s relatively old school, was first published in 1987 and then re-released in 1992. But you can download this game from the internet today and - despite the less flashy graphics and technology and sound effects - it’s a way better play than Pottermore and a much more liberating game.   

Here’s the idea: You’re trying to get accepted into the Guild of Thieves. You are dressed inconspicuously in the Guild Uniform: Stripy t-shirt, mask, and a minimum growth of three days chin stubble. You have to navigate your way around the land of Kerovnia, finding hidden treasure, not getting killed, constructing your own map and problem solving upon problem solving while piecing together clues. I give myself and my family Five Stars for accomplishing about 90% of this game without any walk through cheats (because… this was before the time of getting cheats off the internet). It only took us… a few years. I approve the use of cheats from then on because I feel for a game based on becoming a Master Thief, its only fair to cheat a little bit.  

Like Potter’s The Daily Prophet or The Quibbler, Guild of Thieves users are provided with a copy of What Burglar? magazine to help set the scene, with background stories about Kerovnia, characters, advertisements for Burglary Supplies, game hints and tips. Click here to access the website where I downloaded a PDF of this. (Scroll down to Game Box Contents and click on the link for What Burglar. Note: You HAVE to have this if you are playing the game, because you will be randomly asked for information from it in order to continue. You need to print off a copy and have it handy.)

Guild of Thieves is the type of game in which a descriptive scene is set and you type commands for every move i.e. The game may tell you that you’re in the library of the castle. That there is a bookshelf, a desk and exits to the North and South. It’s your job to explore as much as you can ti get ahead: Look at books, read books, look on the desk, look under the desk… only through being inquisitive can you succeed and the game will tell you what is of importance or not. (Sheldon was made fun of on the Big Bang Theory for playing a game like this. Text Adventures may not be for you. But try.)

So… while you’re waiting for Pottermore to sort it’s shit out, check out Guild of Thieves. It will likely keep you occupied for the next couples of years (as long as you don’t crack and pull out the cheats!)

JUMP TO THE JETTY and good luck!!


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