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Quantum Of Solace: Not So Lonely Being Bond

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Rob West
Rob West

Quantum of SolaceThe director, Marc Forster, has produced some of my favourite recent movies and has not failed to produce another interesting piece with stunning visuals, relevant and powerful plot and a soundtrack that is to be placed proudly in the Bond hall of fame.

The film carries on where the last finished, Bond is in pursuit of the organisation that is responsible for Vespa’s death, and the film ends with his success. What is in between is much more interesting. An intense and wild series of chases in car, boat, plane, bike and on foot with close-ups galore are linked with severe and lasting looks from Daniel Craig, who again plays Bond to perfection, and homage’s to past films of the genre. Oh and there is some dialogue too!

The opening sequence, a mark of Bond that is as important as the rest of the movie, was impressive. The Jack White and Alicia Keys tune felt bold and unforgettable, though I am currently trying to remember anything about it other than deep bass and Jack’s staccato wailing.

We dive straight into a car chase around the windy Italian mountain roads that leads to 007 dispatching his pursuers in ways on ordinary mind could not fathom, the speed of his thought processes too much for any common henchman.

The other chase scenes are as dramatic and action packed, and there are many of them, as the first though the foot chase reminds one a little too much of the previous film in the series and of the recent Bourne films. The ending to it, however is beautifully done and left me laughing for joy as Craig’s hallmark stare is employed to great effect.

All the standard requirements of a bond film are there; he gets an innocent young agent into bed, luxurious and expensive hotels and parties, bold enemies of vague European descent, cars and other mechanical things that go BOOM, short pithy dialogue, post-colonial back-drops with afro-Caribbean guards and more.

It is a true return to the early Connery style of the films complete with large, somewhat marred fonts plastered across the screen informing you of the current location as 007 and his evil counterparts dart about the globe with not an iota of concern for their carbon footprint, rascals! There are many a homage in this movie, the most obvious being the mode of death, and representation to the agent of her body, of one of his female conquests, covered in the black oil she is found sprawled on the bed.

Other than a nod to Goldfinger, or Austin Powers I am not sure which, it seemed a totally pointless exercise as this is the only real reference to oil by the bad guys. A strange attempt to mislead the ever sullen looking Bond.

It all seems contrived to give nods to various films other than the emotional content of the script. Sporadically, throughout the movie, Bond is hailed by wayward characters to forget his anger and remorse over Vespa, always followed by the look. There seems a little too much of this soppy stuff for a Bond film though it rounds his character nicely and results in a relevant and powerful final scene.
Go see this film at the cinema, you will regret it if you don’t.

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