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Scott Newman
Scott Newman
Tegan & Sara

This week I am starting a new weekly Artist Spotlight Blog. The first review for the new series will be Tegan & Sara who are supporting Jack Johnson in a tour of New Zealand & Australia!

Tegan & Sara

Tegan & Sara

Tegan & Sara are a Canadian Alternative Indie Pop/Rock band. (Tegan lives in Vancouver & Sara lives in Montreal) They are twin sisters (born on September 19 1980) who began playing music together back in high school. (1995) The sisters hard work and dedication paid off early, on the strength of the first EP's and recordings Neil Young's manager signed them to his label Vapor/Sire Records (where they still release records)  since 1999 they have released 6 albums Under Feet Like Ours, This Business Of Art, If It Was You, So Jealous, The Con & Sainthood.

There are many reasons why Tegan & Sara impress me so much. Overall I am astounded at just how hard they have worked in their career from small town shows to major venues through sheer determination. We all know how hard it is to make it in the music Industry the twins demonstrate how the hard work pays off. T & S are very active on the Internet (Official Website Facebook Myspace Twitter Vimeo Youtube) Tegan runs the Twitter account from her Blackberry and they each update their sites regularly involving the fans. They are both heavily involved in charitable organizations like PETA & Charity Buzz They are both very vocal for LGBT human rights with both Tegan & Sara being Lesbians. Both of the twins create art-work for auction for charities. Another example is during the Haiti earthquake disaster T & S donated all the proceeds of their poster sales on their Canadian tour this year.

All of the songs that the sisters have created have been their own songs until Sainthood came out in 2009. "Paperback Head" is the first song that T & S have written together. There are also a bunch of other recordings that they have done together around the recording of this album including the self titled song "Sainthood" which could not be released on the album due to copyright issues with Leonard Cohen. Hunter Burgan from AFI helped record three of the songs on Sainthood. During the release of the new album Tegan & Sara wrote their first series of books ON IN AT documenting their career to date in photos and writing. Chris Walla from Death Cab for Cutie produced T & S last two albums after listening to the brilliance of So Jealous. He has helped inject a clean, precise and exciting sound. (Especially in The Con)

Tegan and Sara have 14 Singles and continue to rise with great success. I am very lucky to have seen this band three times since living in Canada. I strongly recommend that you go and check them out if you get a chance. They always strike up friendly banter in between their songs. They always have so much fun! I believe in artists that give back to the fans T & S are delightful in this regard. Check them out today! 
















Tegan & Sara have really broken out with this album. (Released 2009) They have been touring almost the entire year of 2010 opening for bands Paramore, Jack Johnson, Sarah McLachlan (Lilith Fair) and headlining with An Horse, Astronautalis, Steel Train & Holly Miranda. Around the time Sainthood came out T & S recorded a song with DJ Tiesto Feel It In My Bones (official video) which became a very popular dance hit.

The Singles off the album are Hell, Alligator, On Directing & Northshore. The Single Alligator has been remixed by huge international stars on a LP with the likes of Passion Pit (check it out!), Ra Ra Riot & Morgan Page.

Arrow - Sara starts the new album off like on The Con. This song is sharp and pierces the heart from a deadly arrow from cupid. Sara delivers an honest arrow from her bow.

Don't Rush - Tegan has very strong vocals on this song. Very dynamic and the bass is very present.

Hell - The first Single off Sainthood co-wrote with Hunter Burgan. One of Tegan's best songs and split the anthem of the album.

On Directing - Sara breaks through with a heartfelt song. Tegan has strong backup vocals and this song is a nice high point of the flow on Sainthood. Is the latest Single.

Red Belt - Sara shines through with her writing abilities inspired by the books that she reads. A really arty song.

The Cure - This was my favorite song off the album when I first heard Sainthood. Tegan delivers a great guitar track in hopes of finding the cure!

Northshore - Tegan & Sara have a heavy punk rock moment which delights me in seeing a harder edge on the album. Another great single.

Night Watch - Sara gives the ultimate break up song in an interesting arrangement. This was my favorite Sara song after first listen.

Alligator - Sara's song. This is the other split single anthem of the album. It is fun and very catchy! Has been remixed by DJ's and T & S played an alternative lyrics version on a kid's TV show (check it out!)

Paperback Head - The only song that has been co-written by T & S. It sure is different than most of their songs. "Must frame up a material girl."

The Ocean - Tegan sings a beautiful song in creating an ocean of love. It is a sea that most of us want to be in.

Sentimental Tune - Sara is very alternative in the make-up of the duo. She continues to deliver exceptional songs that are quite different from conventional pop songs. Another great Sara moment!

Someday - A wonderful closing led by Tegan. Speak Up! Reach Out! ... Right On! :-)


Tegan & Sara are opening for Jack Johnson over the next couple of weeks. If you have not seen them ... here is your chance Tegan & Sara Shows

Check out these T & S videos including an acoustic set of Alligator at the Peak radio station in Vancouver, BC Canada





Thank you T & S 

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