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Scribe Prepares To Do Battle

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Fuseworks Media
Scribe Prepares To Do Battle

By Laura McQuillan of NZPA

Wellington, April 8 NZPA - An upcoming rap battle tour featuring two of the biggest names in New Zealand hip hop - Scribe and Savage - will be history in the making, the pair say.

The tight duo are preparing for their Battle of the Century tour, where they'll play 14 shows between Timaru and Kaitaia, starting April 23.

They'll battle out their hits, along with a few digs at each other, and let the audience decide who the winner is at each show.

Scribe, real name Malo Luafutu, tells NZPA evenings will begin with the pair flipping a coin to decide who'll go first, before performing song for song.

There'll be "little surprises" in between songs, he says.

Savage, real name Demetrius Savelio, says he already has some "props" ready to go.

But the pair aren't giving away any more details of what's involved, not wanting to ruin the surprise for the audience - or each other, Scribe says.

"Not only that, I don't wanna hear Scribe cry on the phone, I wanna see him cry on stage," Savage adds.

The idea was borne out of the duo's performances at fundraising concerts in the wake of last year's Samoan tsunami, Savage says.

"It was an idea that Scribe came up with and we just ran with it on the first show and it did so well so we took it for the whole tour that we did around New Zealand for that tsunami relief tour. It was so much fun and the response to it was pretty amazing too so we're going all out this time," promising the Battle of the Century tour will be "history in the making".

"This tour is going to be talked about for years to come. The things that are going to happen will never be repeated and nor could they ever be repeated. You can't rehearse or orchestrate this kind of thing."

No one else in New Zealand would be able to create a rap battle on the same level as the pair, Savage says.

"Me and Scribe have been working together, side by side, since the start of New Zealand hip hop, since the start of us trying to get out there with our music.

"We have enough in our own catalogue, in our own experiences to sort of battle each other like that."

Scribe adds, "we get along so well and have a lot of dirt on each other so I think it's something that only we could pull off to this extent".

While the digs Savage and Scribe make at each other are friendly, comments by Scribe about fellow rapper Derty Sesh made during the battle interview got the hip hop community talking.

After saying he wasn't a fan of Derty Sesh's music and "and it's kind of obvious that he's just kind of imitating what Eminem does", Scribe took to his Twitter page to clarify that "its obvious Dirty Sesh has alot of talent, its really just a development thing".

Meanwhile, going against the tide of popular opinion, Scribe is a fan of the controversial choice of The Feelers performing Jesus Jones' Right Here, Right Now for Rugby World Cup marketing.

"You know what, I love that song. I think that song's really appropriate for the World Cup because it's right here, right now, this is actually, now is the time it counts to win the World Cup.

"I understand the whole concept behind that being the song and I like the song, the original by Jesus Jones, and it's fitting that [The] feelers, being an iconic New Zealand band sing it.

"A lot of people are against it but I don't really mind...I'd be worried more about winning the World Cup than what the bloody song is, to be honest."

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