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Second elimination from MasterChef NZ

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Second elimination from MasterChef NZ

Siblings Matt and Courtney Cramond became the second duo from the Top 15 to leave MasterChef New Zealand on Sunday, February 9 (7.30 pm - 8.30 pm) on TV ONE.

In tonight’s show the Top 14 duos were allocated different cuts of lamb including shank, shoulder, rump, loin, fillet and rack, plus two types of offal - kidneys or brains.

They then had one hour to prepare a dish with one of the lamb cuts, and another with offal.

Courtney and Matt were excited to be working with offal and were delighted when they were given brain to cook.

"We’ve never cooked brain before, so it’s going to be a bit entertaining," predicted 29-year old Matt.

Entertaining wasn’t the word that sprang to Ray McVinnie’s mind as he watched the pair’s lamb’s brains explode in the pan, turning into a slushy mess.

"I have to say I’ve never seen brains handled in that way before," observed the MasterChef judge.

"We could be onto a winner here," said Matt, "or it might turn pear-shaped."

Heading into tasting, the Cramonds were on a high.

"I think the lamb is well cooked, medium rare," enthused Courtney.

"I feel ecstatic about what we’ve put on the plate," said Matt.

Presenting a pan-seared lamb filet on red capsicum and cous cous, and lamb brain dumplings with chilli and soy sauce, they were unprepared for a grilling from Ray.

"Did you make this chilli sauce?" he asked Courtney.

"No," she replied.

"What about the dumpling wrappers?" he queried.

"No, they were already made."

"And on the other dish," asked Ray, pointing to a black substance alongside the lamb filet. "What is this?"

"It’s olive tapenade," said Courtney. "It came out of a jar."

Judge Josh Emett was quicker to the point.

"This is horrible cooking!" he announced.

"The couscous is dry, there’s no flavour to it, the lamb is undercooked, it’s horribly cut cabbage, horribly cooked mushrooms, there’s no sauce, tapenade out of a jar, and a mint leaf, of all things. It’s bad."

It began to dawn on the siblings that they hadn’t performed as well as they had thought.

In the Bottom Two alongside Jennifer Clark and Elizabeth Marshall, they were pretty sure they were on the fast track home.

"Someone will to have stuff up royally for us to stay in this competition," muttered Courtney.

"Matt and Courtney, we’re sorry that you haven’t made it through," Simon Gault told them.

"Your dishes just didn’t stand up today, and I really think you know that.

"I think part of your problem is just how good all the other cooks around you are," he continued.

"But you’ve been great contestants. I love your attitude, you're always smiling, you’re always up, you’re exactly what we want in the MasterChef kitchen."

"Well, that’s us done and dusted," said Matt as they left the kitchen.

"But we’re going to take away an absolute undying passion for food."

‘"And we will continue on that journey of learning about food, and keep cooking!" said Courtney.

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