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Sky TV Movie Highlights

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Sky TV Movie Highlights


Saturday Night Premiere


SKY MOVIES - Saturday 1 May, 8.30pm


The happily married mother of a 6 year old boy regains consciousness after a bad car accident and finds herself being held captive in a remote waterfront warehouse by a mysterious masked killer whose shocking revelations are about to turn her formerly safe and orderly existence upside down. Melissa George stars in writer-director Amanda Gusack's white-knuckle, high-stakes crime thriller. After a near-fatal car accident. Jamie Taylor (George) wakes up to find herself imprisoned in an abandoned warehouse. The nightmare worsens when she learns from her mysterious masked captor (Oded Fehr) that her husband (Christian Campbell) has stolen $40 million from a crime syndicate. Forced to listen to recordings of her family's private conversations, Jamie must find clues about the location of the stolen money - of her six-year-old son will be killed. With timing running out, Jamie fights to unravel the mystery and save her son.

Saturday Night: Classic Adventures


SKY MOVIES GREATS - Saturday 1 May, 8.30pm


Intrepid British archaeologist Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) has made perhaps the most important archaeological discovery in history: an orb that leads to the mythical Pandora's Box. Unfortunately, the orb falls into the hands of Jonathan Reiss (Ciaran Hinds), an evil scientist who deals in killer viruses and hopes to sell the secrets of the box as the ultimate weapon. Recruited by British Intelligence to get the orb back from Reiss, Lara recruits Terry Sheridan (Gerard Butler), a British marine turned mercenary (and her former love interest) to help. The two embark on an adventure that spans continents in an attempt to regain the orb...


MGM - Saturday 1 May, 8.30pm

Currently being remade by director Tony Scott (Top Gun, True Romance), The Warriors is a true cult classic, oft-referenced in popular culture. Director Walter Hill selected a cast of unknown actors to make his film about the urban lawlessness of New York City street gangs look more "real". The result is a powerful, violent, influential drama that follows the members of a Brooklyn gang as they try to survive after being pinned with the murder of a rival gang member. President Ronald Reagan, a fan of the film, phoned star Michael Beck to tell him he had screened his movie at Camp David. Entertainment Weekly named The Warriors the 16th greatest cult film on their Top 50 Greatest Cult Films list. The magazine also ranked it the 14th Most Controversial Movie Ever. Director: Walter Hill (48 Hrs., The Long Riders, Southern Comfort, Streets Of Fire, Red Heat, Wild Bill, Last Man Standing). Starring: Michael Beck, James Remar, Dorsey Wright, Brian Tyler, Mercedes Ruehl, John Snyder. "The Warriors is a real moviemaker's movie: it has in visual terms the kind of impact that 'Rock Around the Clock' did behind the titles of Blackboard Jungle. The Warriors is like visual rock". - The New Yorker "Theme of the pic, based on Sol Yurick's 1965 novel, is a variation on countless westerns and war films. Update the setting to modern-day New York, and the avenues of escape to graffiti-emblazoned subway cars, and that's THE WARRIORS." - Variety "Fast, violent, dark, and thrilling." - BBC "it holds up beautifully as a moody, eccentric take on the classic Homeric premise of a hero's journey home." - The AV Club

Outlaws in Arms

Blades, bows, arrows, and men in tights! This May, TCM celebrates legendary outlaws in the movies with OUTLAWS IN ARMS, featuring the original CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981), and THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD (1938) - which coincides with the theatrical release of their new remakes, along with great swashbuckling hits such as SCARAMOUCHE (1952), THE THREE MUSKETEERS (1948), and many more. Over five Sunday nights, TCM's Mother's Day special honors our MUMMIES DEAREST with double-bill features each week - Mother's Day is not just one day in May on TCM! On Friday nights, actor/director Robert Montgomery is May's STAR OF THE MONTH - May is great, with our OUTLAWS IN ARMS leading the pack in a great month of entertainment, on Turner Classic Movies.


TCM - Saturday 1 May, 8.30pm

Sir Laurence Olivier and Maggie Smith star with Harry Hamlin in this story based on Greek mythology.

When Zeus' (Olivier) mortal son Perseus (Hamlin) falls in love with the imprisoned princess of a faraway land, the gods create a series of supernatural obstacles that Perseus must heroically overcome to win her hand.


TCM - Saturday 1 May, 10.45pm

This is a film with everything: a huge production, a lot of wit, a fast-paced script, loads of imagination and great special effects. Guy Williams is Sindbad, who must defeat the evil El Kerim by getting into an impossible tower where he keeps his heart so he can't be killed in battle. Sindbad must also face a horde of badies: hungry crocodiles, a multi-headed ogre, an invisible monster, a huge fist with a spiked glove and man-eating fish. Channel Premiere


RIALTO CHANNEL - Saturday 1 May, 8.30pm

In Edwardian England where upper lips are always stiff and men from the Colonies are not entirely to be trusted, Fisk Senior (Peter O'Toole) has little time or affection for his last remaining son Henslow (Jeremy Northam), whose brother was killed in the Boer War - soon to be followed by his mother's untimely death, heartbroken with grief. But when the pair casually visit eccentric Indian Swami Prash (Art Malik), lecturing on reincarnation, they meet Dean Spanley (Sam Neill) and a knockabout Australian bloke called Wrather (Bryan Brown) - and inadvertently start a strange journey that involves them all as the Dean's recollections, oiled by rare bottles of Hungarian Imperial Tokai, reveal amazing and cathartic connections from the past. Directed by Toa Fraser.


Sunday Blockbuster Premiere


SKY MOVIES - Sunday 2 May, 8.30pm (Second Chance Thursday, 6 May)


The complex, multi-layered mystery adventure, 'Watchmen' is set in 1985 where costumed superheroes are a apart of the fabric of everyday society. The 'Doomsday Clock' - which charts the USA's tension with the Soviet Union is permanently set at five minutes to midnight. When one of his former colleagues is murdered, the washed-up but no less determined masked vigilante Rorschach sets out to uncover a plot to kill and discredit all past and present superheroes. As he reconnects with his former crime-fighting legion - a ragtag group of retired superheroes- Rorschach glimpses a wide-ranging and disturbing conspiracy with links to their shared past. Their mission is to watch over humanity... but who is watching the 'Watchmen?' Starring Patrick Wilson, Matthew Goode, Billy Cudrup, Malin Akerman. Directed by Zack Snyder (300).


SKY MOVIES GREATS - Sunday 2 May, 8.30pm


Peter Sanderson (Steve Martin) is a divorced, uptight attorney who is still trying to get over his ex-wife. He soon has a newfound love, a brainy barrister he's been chatting with on-line. However, on their first face-to-face meeting he discovers that she isn't refined, isn't Ivy League and isn't even a lawyer. Instead, it's Charlene (Queen Latifah), a prison escapee who wants Peter to help clear her name. Peter wants nothing to do with her, prompting the loud and outspoken Charlene to turn Peter's perfectly ordered life completely upside down.

First Time on MGM

TRUE GRIT (1969)

MGM - Sunday 2 May, 8.30pm

An aging Marshall helps a young girl find her father's killer, but when a Texas Ranger joins in the pursuit for the reward, conflict ensues between the two men until the girl brings them together.

The Coen Brothers (No Country For Old Men) are currently working on a remake of this film, due for release in December 2010. Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and Barry Pepper will star.

Check out more info -

John Wayne picked up an Oscar and a Golden Globe award for his performance as Marshall Reuben J. 'Rooster' Cogburn. Upon accepting his Oscar, Wayne said, "Wow! If I'd known that, I'd have put that patch on 35 years earlier."

The song True Grit, by composer Elmer Bernstein and lyricist Don Black, and sung by Glen Campbell who co-starred in the movie, received nominations for both an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Based on the novel by Charles Portis.

Director: Henry Hathaway (Niagara, How The West Was Won, The Sons Of Katie Elder, 5 Card Stud, Nevada Smith).

Starring: John Wayne, Glen Campbell, Kim Darby, Robert Duvall, Dennis Hopper.

"One of the glories of "True Grit" is that it recognizes Wayne's special presence. [Hathaway] has made the movie of his lifetime and given us a masterpiece. This is the sort of film you call a movie, instead of the kind of movie you call a film It is one of the most delightful, joyous scary movies of all time It is not a work of art, but it would be nearly as good if it were. Instead, it is the Western you should see if you only see one Western every three years (an act of denial I cannot quite comprehend in any case). Wayne, in fact, towers over this special movie. He is not playing the same Western role he always plays. Instead, he can play Rooster because of all the Western roles he has played. He brings an ease and authority to the character. He never reaches. He never falters. It's all there, a quiet confidence that grows out of 40 years of acting. God loves the old pros." - Roger Ebert.

Mummies Dearest

Mother's day is not just one day on Turner Classic Movies. Every Sunday this month TCM brings you a double-bill of great films that's all about our beloved MUMMIES DEAREST. Celebrate Mom's Day, every weekend this May, on Turner Classic Movies.


TCM - Sunday 2 May, 8.30pm

American family and a simpler world that no longer exists. Judy Garland shines as Esther, one of the four Smith daughters, who develops a crush on the boy next door. Her singing is as beautiful as ever. Margaret O'Brien is a scene-stealer as Tootie, the precocious youngest child. Disaster strikes when the father announces that he has been offered a promotion in New York. None of the children want to leave St. Louis and in a touching scene the young O'Brien shows her distress by demolishing the snowmen in their backyard. In the end, the father cannot bring himself to separate his children from their beloved St. Louis. Meet Me In St. Louis is a fine piece of Americana. The music is romantic and glowing, with memorable hits such as "The Trolley Song," "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," and "The Boy Next Door." Minnelli's direction of Garland, his future wife, is impeccable, and Garland is supported by an exceptionally strong cast. The movie is filled with old-fashioned sentiment, conveyed with great sincerity.


TCM - Sunday 2 May, 10.25pm

Elizabeth Taylor stars in an enduring American classic novel - Little Women.

1860s New England. As four sisters grow from girls to young adults during the hard times of the United States' Civil War, the difficulties, tragedies and joys they experience tear at - but cannot break - the deep bonds of sisterhood and family in this timeless and heart-warming tale of growth and self-discovery.

Classic Film Sundays


RIALTO CHANNEL - Sunday 2 May, 8.30pm

The Deer Hunter follows the lives of three main characters. You have Mike (Robert De Niro), the rather gung-ho member of the group, Steven (John Savage, The Thin Red Line), who is about to be married, and Nick (Christopher Walken). Nick is dating Linda (Meryl Streep), and Michael is the loner of the group, who manages to sneak a peek at Linda every so often. The story picks up with Steven about to be married in a large ceremony in a Pennsylvania steel town, and the trio is days away from joining the military to go to Vietnam. After the wedding and one last celebratory deer hunt with friends Axel (Chuck Aspegren), John (George Dzundza, No Way Out) and Stanley (John Cazale), the three go to the bush, but are split into different units. The group is reunited under adverse circumstances and forced to play Russian roulette at their jailers' whim. After this experience, things change for each of the men in various extremes. Directed by Michael Cimino.


British Theatre


RIALTO CHANNEL - Monday 3 May, 8.30pm

Recently sprung jailbird Robert (Robert Carlyle, low-key) moves to a hostel temporarily housing the homeless and dispossessed. Haunted by the apparently spur-of-the-moment stabbing that prompted his incarceration, Carlyle begins a mysteriously aggressive courtship of newly arrived Michelle (Anne-Marie Duff), who is battered and pregnant. He searches the city for the mother from whom he's apparently estranged. Meanwhile, boundlessly rich businessman Mark (Colin Firth, intense) begins to feel that money isn't everything. A confrontation with an angry homeless man results in relentless guilt and he begins spending long evenings away from his pregnant wife Laura (Emilia Fox) to minister those less fortunate than himself. Robert and Mark cross paths in a random, violent encounter and there's precious little redemption to be had for any of these tortured souls. Directed by Dominic Savage.



MGM - Tuesday 4 May, 8.30pm

A precocious adolescent struggles to understand his widowed mother's passionate affair with a visiting sailor. Nominated for two Golden Globes.

Musical score by jazz legend Johnny Mandel and Kris Kristofferson Director: Lewis John Carlino (The Great Santini). Starring: Kris Kristofferson, Sarah Miles, Jonathan Kahn. "Six years before this film was released, Yukio Mishima [who penned the controversial source material], who was about the size of a tall dwarf, was leading a right-wing coup attempt in Japan, and, when his pleas failed, he punished everyone by disembowelling himself in front of witnesses, then had his head cut off by one of his trusted aides who then bared his neck and had his head separated from his body. That is strict. You can guess from the way in which Mishima chose to die that he was not a writer of light or breezy material." - TV Guide (USA)

World Cinema


RIALTO CHANNEL - Tuesday 4 May, 8.30pm

Gabriel (Michael Cohen) gives Emilie (Julie Gayet), who's down from Paris on business, a car lift. An attraction forms despite the fact that each has a partner and they decide to go for dinner. However, when it comes to goodnights, Emilie refuses to give Gabriel a farewell kiss. A single kiss can change your life, she says, however innocently intended. And to prove her point, she tells Gabriel a story, set in Paris. The film is based on this story, with occasional cuts back to Emilie and Gabriel. Emilie's yarn centres on long-time best friends Nicolas Gimas (Emmanuel Mouret) and Judith (Virginie Ledoyen) and their complicated affair. Underlying the whole film is the final teaser of whether Emilie will agree to a farewell kiss after all. Directed by Emmanuel Mouret.




RIALTO CHANNEL - Wednesday 5 May, 8.30pm

In this original series, leading innovators and creative visionaries meet to discuss their passions and creative processes, providing an inside glimpse into the inspiration and motivation that made these iconoclasts who they are today.


Venus Williams

At the tender age of 14, Venus Williams became a professional athlete, taking the world of tennis by storm. Fiercely determined and wielding an impressive physical prowess, she spent the next decade rising to the top-ranked position and winning numerous championships, including the U.S. Open, Wimbledon and doubles at the Australian Open and French Open, as well as two Olympic Gold medals. In July 2008, she won her fifth Wimbledon Championship in a riveting match against her sister Serena Williams, joining the handful of legendary women's singles tennis champions who have won five or more Wimbledon Championships. Known for her distinctive style, Williams earned a degree in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. Now 28, she is a successful entrepreneur with her own line of sneakers, clothing and accessories, "EleVen"; and an interior design firm, V Starr Interiors. She is the subject of a new coffee-table book, "Venus," with images by world-renowned avant-garde photographer, Koto Bolofo.

Wyclef Jean

Haitian-born Wyclef Jean is a Grammy Award-winning musician/producer and social activist. A founding member of the pioneering hip-hop group Fugees and prolific solo artist, Jean has effortlessly crossed genres, generations and geographic boundaries as a musical goodwill ambassador and a diplomat for positive cultural evolution. His sixth and latest studio solo album is "Carnival Vol. II: Memoirs of an Immigrant." His albums with the Fugees include the platinum-selling 1996 classic "The Score," which reached the #1 slots on Billboard's Top 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop albums charts and earned two Grammy Awards. Much in demand as a producer, writer and performer, he has collaborated with artists including Bono, Carlos Santana, Whitney Houston and Shakira. In 2005, Jean created the non-profit foundation Yle Haiti to provide aid and assistance to his native Haiti. The charity links with existing groups and/or starts programs relating to hunger, education, youth rehabilitation, AIDS treatment and prevention, and sustainable development.



MGM - Thursday 6 May, 8.30pm

On the last day of school before summer, a 16-year-old high school student receives an unsigned love letter, which causes a chain of confusion setting into motion a series of comic events.

Written and directed by David Greenwalt, who went on to work on a selection of classic teen TV series, including The Wonder Years, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Starring: C. Thomas Howell, Kelly Preston, Lori Loughlin, Corey Haim, Dee Wallace Stone, Cliff de Young, Fred Ward, Casey, Casey Siemaszko, Leigh Taylor-Young.

Real View


RIALTO CHANNEL - Thursday 6 May, 8.30pm

In our current political environment, where conservative evangelical Christian leaders have a direct line to the highest levels of government, it takes guts to ask why so many horrible things continue to be done in the name of Christianity. Or, as Constantine's Sword more pointedly asks: Why do we blame the Jews? Generation after generation, where does the contempt come from? It's a question loaded with so much cultural and historical baggage that in the wrong hands, it could become an unwatchable polemic. This documentary is based on James Carroll's best-selling book and is well-suited to lead this uncomfortable exploration that links the anti-Semitism of the Catholic Church to portions of the current conservative evangelical Christian movement. Directed by Oren Jacoby.


Double Feature: Morgan Freeman


SKY MOVIES GREATS - Friday 7 May, 6.20pm


Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and Richard Harris star in his unsparing Western saga of a man who cannot escape his violent destiny. Heroes and legends rise and fall on the harsh American frontier in Unforgiven. Eleven years have passed since Billy Munny (Eastwood) laid down his weapons, dedicating himself to his young children and struggling farm. But when a huge bounty lures Munny back into action with his loyal partner, Ned Logan (Freeman), the tortured former gunslinger faces vicious sheriff Little Bill Daggett (Bill Hackman) and the lethally elegant mercenary English Bob (Harris). Even more terrifying, Munny finds himself regressing into the cold-blooded killer he once was.


SKY MOVIES GREATS - Friday 7 May, 8.30pm


Eight kidnapped women. All beautiful. All talented. All in danger of having their lives cut cruelly short if police detective Alex Cross and key witness Kate Mctiernan can't locate the elusive "collector" who calls himself Casanova. From the Deep South to the California coast and back, the hunt is on in this provocative race-against-time suspensor based on the best-selling novel by James Patterson. Ashley Judd plays resourceful, strong-willed Kate Mctiernan. She's the lone escapee from Casanova's hidden lair... and determined to rescue the fellow captives she left behind. Morgan Freeman is Detective Alex Cross, a master at solving the unsolvable. But there's more than his reputation at stake: this time one of the victims is his niece.

Friday Night Comic Book Heroes


SKY MOVIES - Friday 7 May, 8.30pm


This big screen adaptation of Marvel's legendary Super Hero IRON MAN stars Robert Downey Jr. as Billionaire industrialist/inventor Tony Stark. When Tony is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon, he instead uses his intelligence and legendary ingenuity to build a high-tech suit of armour to help him escape captivity. When he uncovers a dangerous plot with global implications he dons his powerful armour and vows to do whatever it takes to protect the world as Iron Man!

GREASE (1978)

MGM - Friday 7 May, 8.30pm

One of the most-loved movies of all time, about the romance between Sandy, a wholesome good-girl and Danny, the leader of the high school greaser gang. Henry Winkler and Marie Osmond were originally offered the roles of Danny and Sandy. Susan Dey and Deborah Raffin were also offered the role of Sandy prior to then-newcomer Olivia Newton-John. Grease was the biggest grossing movie of 1978, and the soundtrack is one of the most successful albums of all time, reaching number one in the sales (and singles) charts in many countries. Nominated for an Oscar (Best Music) and five Golden Globes (including Best Picture - Musical/Comedy). Director: Randal Kleiser (Blue Lagoon, Summer Lovers) Starring: Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta, Stockard Channing, Jeff Conaway, Eve Arden, Frankie Avalon, Lorenzo Lamas. "Much closer to Hairspray than High School Musical. The message is: burn rubber, have sex, strut about like a chicken. It's one that's hard to resist." - Guardian (UK) "Somehow now the energy seems infectiously giddier, the songs zingier, the camp higher." - San Francisco Examiner "Grease seems kickier now than it did 20 years ago." - Boston Globe "Travolta was never better." - TV Guide (USA)

Star of the Month - Robert Montgomery

Dapper, talented MGM contract lead from 1929, primarily cast as amusing, boyish, upper-crust playboys opposite stars such as Greta Garbo (Inspiration, 1931) and Joan Crawford (The Last of Mrs. Cheyney, 1937). Besides Crawford, he was most often paired with glamorous Norma Shearer, opposite whom he co-starred in five films between 1929 and 1934; their best teamings were "The Divorcee" (1930) and the uproarious adaptation of Noel Coward's Private Lives (1931). As the decade wore on Montgomery fought for a wider range of roles, and achieved notable success as the deranged killer in Night Must Fall (1937). Another change-of-pace role came in an even more acclaimed and popular film, the comic fantasy, Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941), with Montgomery as a pug who is "removed" to heaven by an angel before his appointed time and is allowed to continue his life on earth in another body.

Montgomery's image toughened even more after WWII, during which he had distinguished himself in naval action in Europe. Montgomery made his directorial debut when an ailing John Ford was unable to complete They Were Expendable (1945), and he attracted considerable attention with his screen adaptation of Raymond Chandler's Lady in the Lake (1946). The film was related entirely from a "subjective" camera perspective, and is considered one of the more interesting failed experiments in cinematic narrative. Montgomery kept making films until the early 1950s, and while never entirely eschewing the light entertainments with which he was long associated (e.g., June Bride, 1948, opposite Bette Davis), he did make the occasional worthy offbeat item (e.g., the noir "Ride the Pink Horse," 1947, which he also directed).

Montgomery subsequently trained his sights on TV, hosting the well-received Robert Montgomery Presents anthology series for eight years. He also ventured onto the stage, winning a Tony for directing The Desperate Hours in 1955. In many ways, Robert Montgomery showed everyone how he was a Jack-of-all-trades in the business. From actor, director, to producer, the man touched on all facets of the craft in spite of the rigid confines within the golden age studio system. That's why TCM is proud to bring to you a collection of Montgomery's work from his early days as a dashing on-screen support, to the films he brought to the screens from a different side of the camera. Join us as TCM honours Robert Montgomery as our May STAR OF THE MONTH, every Friday this May on Turner Classic Movies.


TCM - Friday 7 May, 8.30pm (repeats 4.30am & 12.30pm)

Rosalind Russell and Robert Montgomery star in the original version of this mystery thriller based on the play about a girl who suspects a killer but has no proof. Danny (Montgomery) is a wickedly charming Irish bellhop who wins the confidence of an elderly invalid (Dame May Whitty). The old woman's niece (Rosalind Russell) is not so easily swayed by Danny, but she finds him strangely attractive, especially when he exhibits a streak of viciousness. Montgomery was nominated for an Academy Award.


TCM - Friday 7 May, 10.40pm (repeats 6.40am & 2.40pm)

Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell star as quick-witted husband-and-wife book dealers and amateur sleuths who live life and crack crime Fast and Loose.

When the owner of a rare and valuable first-edition manuscript is murdered, rare book dealers Joel and Garda Sloane (Montgomery and Russell) go beyond the normal roles of book sellers - using their exceptional knowledge and skills to nab the killer.



SKY BOX OFFICE - Friday 7 May, from 7.35pm, CH 201 & 203


Like You've Never Seen Him Before

Chronicling the months leading up to Michael Jackson's planned historic This Is It concert series, the film paints an intimate portrait of one of the world's greatest entertainers and his creative genius. Produced in cooperation with the Jackson family, this unique film combines exclusive interviews with Jackson's closest friends and creative collaborators with never-before-seen rehearsal and behind-the-scenes footage to provide audiences an unforgettable front row experience to the greatest show that never happened.

Directed by Kenny Ortega. Starring Michael Jackson, Orianthi.

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