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Snoop Dogg Down Under

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Gangster rapper Snoop Dogg, on a one show stopover in New Zealand, talks to Amelia Romanos of NZPA about the US election, homesickness, and where "the shizzle" came from.

Wellington, Oct 27 NZPA - American rapper Snoop Dogg, real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus Junior, arrived in New Zealand today for a single performance in Wellington, before heading across the ditch for a tour of Australia.

The rapper first came to fame as a protege of American rapper and record producer Dr Dre, and has since sculpted a successful rap career for more than 15 years, as well as appearing on TV and in feature films such as 2004's Starsky and Hutch.

More recently, fans had the chance to see Snoop in his family role when his TV reality show, Snoop Dogg's Father Hood, was launched late last year.

The rapper said the show was a good way for people to see him in another light.

"It's always the same person it's just a matter of the role they have to play," he said.

"When I'm with my kids at home I have to be a father, when I'm in the public I have to be Snoop Dogg."

The man that viewers see on the reality show is a far cry from the notorious gangster image the rapper has carved for himself over the years.

He said his music had also changed to reflect his personality now.

"I think I'm just getting old. You get older, you get wiser -- my music is representing who I am," he said.

"When I first came up I was young, I was mean, I was aggressive, I was thuggish, I was fresh out of jail, I was every little bit of 19 years old that you could imagine.

Now I'm a full grown man so a lot of things that didn't concern me at that time really concern me now, and I like to speak on that."

He said while he enjoyed touring and visiting new places, Snoop there were always things he missed back at home.

"Right now it's football season, so I really get homesick cause I hate missing my football games, I hate being away from the kids -- coaching and doing all that."

As well as missing the football season, Snoop will be out of the country for the American election.

However the hip-hop kingpin said he would still be voting and threw his support behind Obama.

"I'm voting for the brother," he said.

"I just think he's the best guy for the job, no disrespect to McCain but he's kind of old. The world is changing and it needs to be about somebody whose about what we're about, that can really relate to what we're going through."

His music apart Snoop Dogg is famed his "shiz" language.

The language that turns sentences like "for sure" into "fo shiz", has become widespread through Snoop's music, as well as in the gangster's day-to-day speech.

"It's something that we use on the street, it's a slang or a jive talk that we use to try and have our own language," he said.

"If we were ever in a situation, if we were in jail or somewhere and we didn't want anyone to know what we were talking about, we had to create our own language, so that was just something that we did and it spread and grew up from that."

The rapper said it was amusing how the language had spread to other parts of society.

"It's a way of dialect for me and my home boys, we speak to each other like that so when we see other people try to put it together, it's funny to us cause they don't know the meaning."

The rapper, who has just released his ninth studio album, Ego Trippin', said he had no plans to stop recording yet.

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