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The Sopranos – The Greatest TV Show Ever?

Adrian Musolino
Adrian Musolino

A mark of greatness is longevity. Whether a product, in particular an art form, can stand the test of time and still be well received decades down the track. Like the Beatles, the Sopranos will still be well received years down the track.

Now having wrapped up, the Sopranos is in reruns but still fascinates fans with its complexity and depth. 

More than just a mob story, the Sopranos evolves out of forerunners such as the Godfather trilogy and Goodfellas to encompass more than just the mob life. 

Through the shows focal point Tony Soprano, we live through his roller coaster life of juggling his two families and struggle to accept his role of leader to both. 

The Sopranos says a lot about modern America and the struggle of the post war generation as they attempt to redefine and apply the American dream to modern day. 

The infamous dream sequences littered throughout the six seasons point to the genius of creator David Chase, the ability to look beyond one dimensional story telling and add layers to the characters and themes.

It does this through not just incredible drama but also true to life plots and some great comedic moments. And therein lies its greatness, it cannot be pigeon holed into one genre. Like life it moves seamlessly from drama to comedy to tragedy. 

The much-discussed ending (don’t worry I won’t ruin it for you) can be compared to the genius of the Beatles White album or Abbey Road, dismissed by many as weird and not making sense but striking a nerve to the rest who understand the layers and deeper meanings.

The Sopranos, along with other HBO shows such as Six Feet Under, Band of Brothers etc have helped resurrect the TV show genre out of its monotony of one dimensional sitcoms with their predictable laughter tracks and plots. While these popcorn shows are simply replaced by other variations of the same theme, HBO has created unique shows. 

In years to come the Sopranos will still be watched and analysed with the same interest. 

The Beatles recorded their last album four decades ago and yet their record sales are still strong, there are musicals based on their music, tribute acts etc. 

The Sopranos has that same timeless quality.

Greatness has no expiry date.


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