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Super Quiz: What The F... Are You Doing?

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

When I was a pimply pre-teen I loved taking those Dolly, Cosmo or Girlfriend quizzes. They provided valuable insights into my personality, detailing inalienable truths regarding my flirting style, fashion sense, what kind of guy was my type, and what fragrance would be my ideal summer scent. 

Now that I’m older (but not too much wiser) I’ve developed a quiz in order to assist myself - and other girls my age - in this period of discovering ourselves at an advanced level of maturity. I call it… “What the F… are you doing?”

Super Quiz: What the F… are you doing?

After months of misery, you finally decide to break up with you’re a-hole boyfriend. But upon hearing the news, he throws a tantrum, cries like a baby, and begs you to take him back. You…

a) Take him back out of guilt, because he is clearly distraught. He treats you nicely for a solid two day period. 

b) Have a one-night stand with a stranger to make yourself feel better, get knocked up, and then take your boyfriend back, claiming the baby is his, which miraculously heals the relationship… for a while.

c) Remember all the times your boyfriend made you cry and think, “good riddance to bad rubbish!”

You created a Facebook account in order to keep in touch with friends and family members around the globe. All of a sudden you feel an overwhelming desire to stalk people. Ex boyfriends. Old classmates. People you don’t like. You:

a) Compare yourself and decide everyone is now more successful, better looking, and more exciting than you are. 

b) Keep it up! Find out juicy tid bits, flick joyfully through people’s unrestricted photo albums, and share newfound gossip with friends. 

c) Delete as many unnecessary contacts as possible to stop the madness. 

You hold onto a job, despite colleagues and friends being laid off around you due to the economy. You…

a) Go into freak out mode and make yourself sick with stress. 

b) Undercut the employer you are contracted to by making deals directly with the client. 

c) Keep working hard and saving money. 

You’re friend is getting married and asked you to be a bridesmaid. You…

a) Feel sad that everyone is getting married except you. Always a bridesmaid… never a bride.

b) Agree to be a bridesmaid based on a strict set of terms and conditions, detailing specifications of what you will and will not wear, when dresses may be ordered based upon your weight loss goals, and the agreement that you will not spend a cent. 

c) Are thrilled to be asked and agree to be in the wedding. 


Mostly a… 

Why the low self-esteem??? As they say, “If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.” 

Mostly b…

Why the drama??? There are plenty of healthy hobbies out there. Pick one.  

Mostly c…

That’s the spirit! You’ve got this far without any problems… maybe you’ll be ready to take on next weeks quiz: “What does your power animal personality say about you in regards to what Twilight character hottie you will attract based on your star sign?”

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