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Temporary Cure Found For Gleeks

Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee

Okay. So Glee ended recently, and despite proclamations that it will be back before the end of the year; numerous downloads ranging from “Don’t Stop Believin'” (Regional’s Version) to “Gives You Hell”; lots and lots (and lots) of time spent in front of the mirror mouthing lyrics from the Glee CD’s into a hairbrush, I have been in A Funk. Not to be confused with The Funk, which apparently you can slam dunk .

But, hope, like Donald Trump’s hairpiece, springs eternal and I was busy searching the internet for Other Things To Get Obsessed With (front runners Castle and Fringe ) when I came across the answer to all my problems.

I should start a Glee club.

Now, in my opinion this idea was pure genius, which I proceeded to tell people frequently and at high volume until my flatmate, bravely disregarding both the manic look on my face and the demonstration as to how “Don’t Stop Believin’” should have gone (jazz hands and all), pointed out that a) I can’t sing, and b) I can barely remember the dance steps to the Macarena, how, exactly, was I planning on remembering more than half a song’s worth of dance routines?

Admittedly this was somewhat of a setback to The Plan.

However, another bright spark has come up with The Plan too, and has put it into action in the form of The University of Auckland Glee Club .

Their debut, entitled relatively self-explanatorily A Debut, is happening this weekend on Saturday 21st at 7.30pm at the Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School.

Listed on Facebook, the blurb for this event is as follows: “Presenting the University of Auckland Glee Club in 'A Debut', their first public performance. Featuring songs from Rent, Hair and Lady Gaga, it promises to be a musical extravaganza! Featuring Tamsyn Miller, Victor Hawkins-Sulfa, Geoff Ong, Roseanne Rogers, Chris Bryan, and Jessie Graham as soloists plus over 50 cast members.”

Sounds fabulous, and these guys thoughtfully have their own YouTube channel (apparently, they invaded an ice cream parlour this year for the sole purpose of singing in front of other people,) so you can see what they offer.

Given this group is mainly made up of full time uni students who have actually organised, created, rehearsed and generally Put In Extreme Effort for this production (lots of kudos, there), it could be well worth moseying along on Saturday night to see the show.

Also given the $15 entry fee, it’s far less expensive (and less embarrassing) than hiring your own back up dancers, invading a mall and pretending you suddenly can perform the entire sequence from The Safety Dance Episode.

Go see it, if only to save a loved from their own hairbrush, or to get a worthwhile “fix” (Glix?... doesn’t work as well as Gleek) until Glee returns.

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